Coronavirus fears of hydrogen sulfide

The doctors are doing everything they can to cure the affected with coronavirus. But to save, alas, can not all. Meanwhile, the effective way of dealing with this terrible infection may have already found – sulfide. This was told by one of the developers of new methods, head of Laboratory of molecular mechanisms of biological adaptation, Institute of molecular biology RAS im Engelhardt, doctor of biological Sciences Mikhail Evgeniev.

Коронавирус боится сероводорода

– Now there is no confirmed cure for coronavirus. To prevent the necessary vaccine developed in many countries. But our proposed method with the use of hydrogen sulfide facilitates the course of the disease, and helps to treat pneumonia, which is often a consequence of infection by the virus. I must say that the injection source of hydrogen sulfide (sodium thiosulfate) has long been used in medicine.

– As you have discovered antiviral effects of hydrogen sulfide?

– Have long shown that although high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide is a poison, at low concentrations it has a protective effect in a variety of diseases. So, this gas is widely used in sanatoriums in hydrogen sulfide baths for the treatment of many diseases.

In the last decade, we studied the action of hydrogen sulfide on cellular and organismal levels and showed anti-inflammatory properties in different models. In particular, we studied donor material, slowly or rapidly releasing the gas when introduced into the body. In addition, there are rodent studies, which showed that the sulfide is effective against some viruses, which include COVID-19.

– How to “work” the hydrogen sulfide against the coronavirus? What is its strength?

– Sodium thiosulfate is “slow” and completely safe, long-minsa donor of hydrogen sulfide. On the initial (first) stage of infection the hydrogen sulfide must show their antiviral potential to prevent reproduction of coronavirus.

In the later stages when you develop pneumonia, daily inhalations of sodium thiosulfate should prevent the pneumonia that has been shown in laboratory animals. In addition, pre-and post-treatment (inhalation of sodium thiosulfate) should reduce the degree of damage to the lungs, often caused by the use of a ventilator.

– Can also use this tool for the prevention of coronavirus disease?

– We study the anti-inflammatory properties of sodium thiosulfate together with the Vice-President of the Center for advanced radiation and biological technologies (Saint Petersburg), doctor of medical Sciences Sergey Onikienko. The preventive effect is set by the combined use of sodium thiosulfate and “hot” helium-oxygen breathing mixtures which improve the delivery of the drug in the target cells.

Is it possible to engage in the prevention of coronavirus infection on their own, at home?

The most effective combination of sodium thiosulfate and heated helium-oxygen breathing mixtures. Planned mass production of devices for outpatient use.

But is it possible to buy in a drugstore the necessary funds?

– Yes, in drugstores and nebulizers (devices for inhalation) and a sterile 30-percent solution of sodium thiosulfate. It is diluted to a concentration of 5-10% and is used in the amount of 2-3 ml three times per day.

– At what stage is the testing of your methodology?

Under the direction of Dr. Sergey Onikienko carried out a pilot clinical study. Preliminary results of the tests indicate that inhalation thiosulfate prevent the development of “cytokine storm” (cytokines are biologically active proteins produced mainly by immune cells), contribute to the resolution of coronavirus pneumonia and block the replication of the virus in target cells.

– Have you tested this tool on cases of coronavirus infection? What results were achieved?

– Combined technology, based on the inhalation of sodium thiosulfate and “hot” helium-oxygen breathing mixtures in severe forms of coronavirus pneumonia can prevent the transfer of patients on artificial respiration to keep them alive. So in the Republican hospital in Syktyvkar (Komi Republic) under the leadership Onikienko this method was applied on 50 patients who were planned to translate on a ventilator, and after using our method was transferred by one person only.

– Does this mean that the hydrogen sulfide in the treatment of this disease showed itself more efficient than the ventilator?

– We offer technology prevents the transfer of the patient to the ventilator. It is impossible to compare the likelihood of transfer is on a ventilator with her performance. The doctors are doing everything to make it effective. It is necessary to conduct advanced clinical trials of the proposed methodology in patients with different severity of coronavirus pneumonia in various stages of the pathological process. Note that this method (using sodium thiosulfate) is “forgotten old”. In the 90-ies in some clinics of Russia (Yerevan, Peter) thiosulfate has been successfully used against acute forms of inflammation of the lungs of different nature.

– What is the average length of cure when using your method? And when you use other methods?

The results of pilot studies does not allow us to draw such conclusions.

But when can we expect wide application of the method?

– After receiving the results of extended clinical trials of the proposed technology and the inclusion of this methodology by the Ministry of health in the list of recommended procedures in the treatment of COVID-19.


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