California will pay a coronavirus illegal immigrants

Now illegal undocumented immigrants living in California will be eligible for the coronavirus in the amount of $ 500 per person and $ 1,000 per family. However, some state residents were outraged by the decision, claiming that their taxes should go to help Americans.

Sacramento has allocated $ 75 billion which will go to help for about 150,000 state residents facing difficulty in pandemic coronavirus. Earlier it was reported that the charity organization Center for American Liberty sued the state, accusing the Governor of embezzlement of funds. The organization hopes to reverse the decision of the authorities.

This initiative appeared opponents who insist that their taxes should go to help U.S. citizens who are also in dire need of financial support during a pandemic.

California is home to about 2 million illegal immigrants without papers who need financial assistance, but not eligible to receive government payments. It is reported that the total funding could reach $ 125 million, 50 of which will be used for payments. Monday a working website for immigrants wishing to obtain payments. Just one day the site was visited by a huge number of users, what was the reason for the failure of the system. Soon the problem was solved.

“Website currently up and running, and we continue to increase its capacity,”said Scott Murray, a representative of the Department of social services of the state.

Kim Willett, a lawyer and a Legal Aid employee at Work, said that the government should take action because there was enough money to help only a part of the immigrants living in the state. Payment applications will be accepted until June 30 or until until the funds run out.

In April Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that it will allocate 75 million dollars of taxes to create Fund of the help to victims of natural disasters to illegal immigrants, prompting criticism from some Republicans. The leader of the Republicans Shannon grove said that Newsom should allocate funds for food banks, facilities for the students so they could comfortably continue their studies in the Internet as well as to assist local authorities in coping with the loss of income.

“Instead of addressing these urgent needs, the Governor Newsom decided it was irresponsible to follow the path of the left wing and unilaterally, received $ 125 million for immigrants without documents,” said grove.



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