Deadly funny: the frightened Cobra and died

It is known that reptiles almost not trainable and therefore jokes with them are bad. Annually from stings of snakes killed dozens of people, who believed that have over reptile full power. Even if you believe that the Cobra is harmless, not worth it to tempt fate again a year and a stick shoots.

24-year-old Indian guy with not too euphonious to our ears the name Chi Jagadish died as a result of a failed joke with a king Cobra. The young man was walking with friends and saw a street snake Charmer, which he asked one of the Pets for the frame memory.

Street performer hung on the neck Jagadish small Cobra, which was the most liked guy. But instead of just take a snapshot and go back home, funny Indian decided to scare his friends and ran towards them with a reptile on his neck.

Unknown, he was afraid Lee Chi buddies, but Cobra is very scared of sudden movements. Just in case she was bitten by a Joker by the neck. Despite the fact that the victim was immediately taken to the hospital to save his life failed and the same day the young man died.

Against the snake Charmer, who allowed this accident, opened a criminal case. Man faces prison term for manslaughter and the creeping confiscation of his favorites. India banned the show with the dangerous snakes who have not removed the teeth and venom glands, but, unfortunately, these reptiles can sometimes be found on Indian streets from unscrupulous fakirs.

The owner of a dangerous animal claims that the snake, which he gave Chi Jagadish for the photo, was not more dangerous than shoelaces, as passed all necessary legal procedures.

The king Cobra is the largest venomous snake on the planet. Length of adults can reach 5.5 meters. Despite its size, the snake is the most poisonous venom of the Taipan is almost 180 times more toxic. A large number of deaths caused by the bites of these reptiles, due to the wide distribution of king cobras in the South and South-East Asia and their high aggressiveness.

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