All about coronavirus COVID-19 to 21 may

The main news about coronavirus COVID-19 on 21 may:

  • In the world registered more than 5 million became infected with the virus and the large number of new cases per day.
  • Europe warned of a second wave of coronavirus infection.
  • Wuhan forbade the eating of wild animals.
  • In Afghanistan, over hospital beds for patients with the disease COVID-19.
  • The death toll from the virus in Russia has exceeded 3,000 people.

Coronavirus COVID-19 spread in 188 countries and 730 claimed 328 lives. The numbers continue to grow.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, there are 5 027 732 case of infection, 1 918 028 recovered. Many believe that in fact the figures differ from the official in connection with the inaccuracy of counting in different countries.

The world health organization on Wednesday, may 20, warned that the pandemic coronavirus is far from complete, after the last day it was 106 000 new cases worldwide — the largest in a single day. Speaking in Geneva, who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the virus is spreading in poorer countries, as well as more prosperous country out of isolation.

Europe must prepare for a second wave coronavirus infections, said the Director of the EU Agency responsible for advising the governments on issues of disease control.

The question is when and how [will wave] great, “said Dr. Andrea Ammon, Director of the European centre for disease prevention and control of diseases.

Statistics from countries where confirmed by the largest number of cases COVID-19:

  1. USA — 1 552 594
  2. Russia — 317 554
  3. Brazil — 291 579
  4. UK — 249 619
  5. Spain — 555 232

Statistics on countries with the highest mortality rate now looks like this:

  1. USA — 93 558 deaths (28 of them 636 in the city of new York)
  2. UK — 36 124 death
  3. Italy — 32 330 deaths
  4. France — 28 135 deaths
  5. Spain — 27 888 deaths

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