Kai Fung stoned: what secrets hid cell of a Buddhist monk

In its 29 years, the Buddhist monk Kai Fung has achieved considerable success. He became rector of the Church Chongfu on the island of Taiwan and was used in spiritual circles a great reputation. That’s why video of a young ascetic, accidentally discovered online by one of the parishioners, shocked the believers and aroused the interest of the police. However, as it turned out, the police joined, no wonder Kai Fung was still the fruit.

In the video, caught in public, the Abbot Chongfu reclined on the bed with a man and they were engaged in no discussion of the bodhisattva path. Despite the fact that Buddhism is one of human weakness quite well, such behaviour by a senior cleric could not be alerted. As the rector of the Church have complained, the police decided to go to the temple to see what lives Kai Fung.

In free gay party time the Abbot of the temple told the youth about good morals and the suppression of defects

Conducting a search of the cell of the Abbot, the police were shocked with how versatile personality was her master. The room was found 19 grams of methamphetamine, a device for Smoking, stimulants, anal relaxers and lubricants, as well as a collection of magazines for homosexual men.

Also a lot of interesting stories about the owner of the computer of a monk. On the hard disks of the device were more than 200 GB of gay porn, and some of the commercials starred the Abbot of the temple. Most shocking was the fact that their specific pleasures Kai Fung has chosen a very wrong place video, in most cases, were recorded directly in the monk’s cell, located at the Buddhist temple.

Against this background, it is forbidden to the monks of meat dishes found in the fridge Foong, looked like a small prank, which was not worth mentioning. For all his desire, the police can’t bring a man nothing but storage and possibly distribution of drugs, but according to the laws of Taiwan, even this will be enough to throw the Abbot Chongfu behind bars for many years.

Particularly unpleasant was the fact that the monk occupied the post of General Secretary of the Association of young Buddhists, and was supposed to be an example to all. In addition, the Kai Fung has been in good standing with the authorities and was considered an excellent preacher. The priest could unite people, and many believed that the temple Chongfu sooner or later become the birthplace of a new theological school.

The entrance to the temple Chongfu

A monk Kai Fung moved at the age of 14, becoming an apprentice of a monk Sneezing, which was a real legend of modern Buddhism. But after the death of the teacher of grace has not passed on his best disciple, a young monk rolled down the incline, began using drugs and spending time in the circle of homosexuals.

Interesting, but spiritual mentors monk knew about his problems — on account of Kai Foong is a serious disciplinary action. As it turned out, the young man caught “red-handed” and for organizing sex parties with the followers sent from the temple Tangshan to the periphery, in less well-known Chongfu. But as it turned out, the chance that gave him to right, are susceptible to men and prohibited substances the monk didn’t take it and took up the old.

The rector of the Church Chongfu — very colorful type

In the temple Chongfu Kai Fung finally lost conscience and shame, and rallied around the monks and the parishioners with similar interests. Orgies in the walls of the temple took place almost in the open, and the Abbot was to them the main “star”. On the first interrogations the monk confessed and addiction to drugs and in making gay porn, but after a while from the second point refused. The monk began to argue that the video he planted the ill-wishers, long jealous of his spiritual success.

Photo taken by the police during a search of cells Kai Foong

The investigation revealed that Kai Fung did not lie — the video with his participation actually placed on the hard drives of his former lover, with whom the monk parted with the scandal and fight. The Abbot, despite his carelessness, still not stupid enough to keep serious incriminating evidence in plain view. Now a Buddhist priest expects a string of troubles, from which defrocked for immoral behavior — not the worst.

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