What happens if trump gets sick with coronavirus

Recently COVID-19 was diagnosed in several employees of the White house, including at the personal Valet to the President and assistant Vice-President Mike Pence.

However, Donald trump refuses to wear a mask in public places, and this week admitted that he started taking hydroxychloroquine for prevention, although the effectiveness of this drug has not been proven.

The President regularly check on COVID-19, as well as those who are in contact with him.

“I always showed a negative result, said Donald trump to reporters this week, explaining his decision to take antimalarial medication as a preventive measure. – Completely negative. No symptoms. Nothing. I accept (gidroksihlorohina), because I hear very good reviews”.

Trump falls into the category of people who are at risk of complications due to the coronavirus. Next month the President will be 74 years old, and weighs 243 lb – a clinical threshold of obesity.

However, no matter how healthy the President, the coronavirus is very contagious, which raises the question: what happens if trump gets infected COVID-19?

The 25th amendment, which was ratified in 1967, just a few years after the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy, allows the Vice-President acting with the approval of the President, or if he is incapacitated, with the support of the majority of the Cabinet or chamber of Congress.

So, for example, George W. Bush twice used the amendment to temporarily transfer power to Vice-President dick Cheney himself when Bush did the operation.

But the well-known American political analysts wonder whether trump to do otherwise, in his eccentric style.

Shannon bow O’brien, Professor of political science at the University of Texas in Austin, based on research of the presidency, trump said he is unlikely to give the reins to anyone, except, perhaps, his daughter Ivanka trump or son-in-law Jared Kushner, senior advisers at the White house.

“I don’t think he trusts anyone outside of his family,” added O’brien.



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