Life behind the Queen of great Britain Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

On may 4, representatives of the Buckingham Palace made an official statement that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, will cease to carry out official obligations and retires in the autumn of 2017.

95-year-old Prince Philip has always led a fairly quiet life, although his reputation was stained by the fact that the husband of the Queen not too careful in his statements and has a weird sense of humor. As a young cadet sailor who served in the Royal Navy, and with no chance at a high position in society, he was able to win the heart of heir to the British throne and all his life remained a mainstay for the reigning Queen in the world.

The future Queen consort of great Britain born in Corfu on 10 June 1921, at birth had the title of Prince of Greek and Denmark. He was the only son of a Greek Prince Andrew. His mother, Princess Alice, belonged to the family of Battenberg and was the niece of Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

Due to the political instability in Greece, the family fled the country when Philip was 18 months old, and moved to France.

In Paris, the Prince studied at the American school. His parents separated, Prince Andrew went to Monte Carlo, where he began to squander the remains of his fortune. And his ex-wife and children remained in Paris, but soon lost his mind because of all the adversity struck the family. After this sad event took Philip to his father, determined the boy to boarding school and practically forgot about it.

In 1939 the Prince became a cadet in the Royal Navy of great Britain.

Philip always loved sports. In the photo, he plays cricket, July 1947.

Prince Philip finished service in the Navy in 1951 in the rank of commander-Lieutenant (captain of the 3rd rank). In 1952 he was promoted to commander (captain 2nd rank).

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip met in childhood at one wedding in 1934. In July 1947, the couple announced their engagement. By the way, they have each other, a third cousin of brother and sister.

To marry an heiress, Philip changed his surname to Mountbatten, was a British citizen and renounced the title of “Greek Prince” and “Prince of Denmark”. The couple married on 20 November 1947 in Westminster Abbey.

The couple spent their honeymoon in Hampshire.

Over the next few years the couple lived in Malta, where he was stationed for the Royal Navy. There was born in 1949 their first son Prince Charles. In 1950, she was born Princess Anne.

Wife to Clarence house, the residence of the British monarchs, August 1951.

At the age of 25 years, after the death of his father, king George VI, and Elizabeth becomes Queen. Philip is leaving the fleet.

The Prince always had interests in addition to performing Royal duties. In 1953, he received a pilot’s license. The photograph of the Prince manages a Boeing 757 during a demonstration flight near Seattle.

The third child, Prince Andrew, was born in 1960. The last child, Edward, in 1964.

Little Prince Andrew travels with his father on Christmas day, 1964.

Elizabeth and Philip, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Prince William and Philippa close relationship.

Since Elizabeth took the throne, Prince Philip has devoted his life to performing Royal duties.

Couple during the Royal tour of Canada in 1951.

Center of king Salman for growing hawks, Bahrain, 1979.

The island of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1982.

Abu Dhabi, 2010.

Over the past year, Prince Philip visited the one hundred official events, which is much more than called for all the young members of the Royal family.

Philip sits with Her Majesty while she delivers a speech in Parliament.

In celebration of the 90th birthday of the Queen.

To be in the public eye is exhausting, even aged people are losing patience. In 2015, a camera caught Prince Philip said to the photographer: “just do it already damn picture”.

At the funeral of Princess Diana, 1997.

Philip is also known for its daring and even offensive sense of humor. For example, the Duke asked an Australian aboriginal: “still rush at each other with spears?”

He is the patron of about 800 organizations. In 1964-1986 years was President of the International equestrian Federation, 1981-1996 years, the world wildlife Fund. In 1973, the first member of the British Royal family visited the Soviet Union.

His grandsons, princes Harry and William, also help the world wildlife Fund.

The Prince throughout his life remained faithful to their love of Polo, a competition of horse-drawn carriages and sailing.

With Tom Cruise.

With former us President Barack Obama.

Prince feeds an elephant during a visit to the zoo.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip travel on the train past the town of Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

In the pub.

While the intention to retire has caused controversy among the public, it cannot be denied that Prince Philip devoted his life to the Royal house. And when he announced his retirement, it was clear that the decision was hard on him.

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