What cosmetics were in the Soviet Union

Make-up Soviet-style. Someone found him and successfully (or unsuccessfully) used it, someone saw grandmothers and mothers, and someone knows about it only in the memories of the adult part of the family.

Something without which it is difficult to imagine the makeup of those years, is the ink block. It spat, and then the most desperate separating the lashes with needles or pins. The effect was stunning, especially if you have previously resorted to a more formidable procedure, the Curling of eyelashes hot knife or spoon. I remember a neighbor of the house that came out in the morning with eyelashes that resembled a battered Shoe brush.

In fact, many women already knew before the current fashion among makeup artists reception — to use as a blush lipstick.

Tooth powder vs. toothpaste. In addition to the teeth, hard abrasive powder could be more Cutlery to be cleaned. Here it is — the multifunctionality of the time!

Shampoo “quack-Quack”, smelling of toffee and caramel. Hair, light as a feather, is about him.

Fashion of the 80s demanded a completely exaggerated image, part of which was luxuriant hair. Crazy fleece generously filled hairspray “Charm”, so that the hair literally stood firm to the touch. The higher and thicker the fleece, the more beautiful.

In the late eighties to achieve a fashionable look has become much easier — the market is flooded cheap the brand a wide range of cosmetics. Only the kits of the brand Ruby Rose guaranteed trendy makeup.

A subject of particular desire was a blush from Estée Lauder’s corporate store where you can get only on special invitations. That would now have a man from the 80’s in some “Rive Gauche” or “L’etoile”…

All women of the time dreamed of a “Golden roses” Lancôme and Packed in the blue boxes the powders and lipsticks Dior. My mom was lankovsky powder — thing used by appointment only on special occasions, and it was the pride and envy of female friends.

The smooth tone of the face was provided by another legendary cosmetic product of those years — the Foundation “Ballet” from the factory “Freedom” imposed on the skin with a thick layer, creating a smooth effect, though unnatural mask. This cream, by the way, a few years ago has been reborn, and now the market is represented by “Ballet 2000”.

Powder dust at the grinding degree and type of odorants were divided into four groups:
highest quality — “East”, “Velvety”, “Ballet”;
group A (good quality) — “Red Moscow”, “Kremlin”, “Greece”, “fairy Tale”;
group B (medium) — “the Mask”, “Camellia”, “Shipr”;
group (mass) — “Carmen”, “lilac”, “Violet”.

Powder “Leningrad” for normal to oily skin. Curious recommendations of the time for applying powder: “Powder can be applied in the following order: first, to powder my chin, then the circumference of the mouth, cheeks, forehead, nose. To use for this purpose puffs unhygienic, as they quickly become contaminated. Better to use every time a clean cotton swab”.

And of course, perfume. The selection of spirits was much better than the assortment of cosmetics. For example, “Red Moscow”, aka “the Empress’s Favorite bouquet”. These spirits were created at the factory Brocard’s perfumer August Michel in 1913 in honor of 300 anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, and especially for Alexandra Feodorovna.

The subsequent history of the spirits and their Creator usual for Country Councils. By 1917 the head of the “Empire Brocard” was no longer alive. His heirs successfully emigrated, and old associate of Brocard August Michelle left. Initially, the factory wanted to close, but the workers accustomed to their work, went to Lenin, who took them to the Kremlin and the factory was ordered to keep calling Moskvoretsky soap plant №2. Chief perfumer remained an associate of the old Brocard Aug Michelle.

Michelle carefully trained Soviet specialists everything he knew. In 1922, he offered to replace the dissonant soap name to “New dawn”. In 1925, Michel renamed your spirits “Red Moscow”, and the new bottle and box made by the artist Andrey Evseev. When a “red Director” decided that August Michel is no longer needed, the old perfumer, faithfully served the new government, exiled to distant places, where he disappeared.

High school girls and graduates of those years desperately dreamed of “Natasha”.

Men, too, were not overlooked.

The famous “Chanel No. 5” Soviet women in the majority knew only by hearsay, and only a tiny number of ladies used them in real life.

If you ask the ladies, whose youth fell on the years, they will remember the spirits of “climate” and “Black magic” by Lancôme and “Opium” by YSL and “Fiji” by Guy Laroche.

Required attribute fashionistas of those years — flashy nail Polish. Much love used American brand KiKi, producing a glittering sequined lucky the most incredible shades, which nails sloilis turned yellow and broke. But that just will not go in the name of beauty!

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