“It’s not a fad Biden” – in the United States called those who asked Poroshenko to dismiss the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

May 19, MP lying Derkach has published the audio files, which allegedly Poroshenko and Biden discuss a new nominee on a post of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. And supposedly the US was ready to thank the President of Ukraine, if Shokin will shift from the post. Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine said that in this case are not the United States, and the IMF and the EU.

John Herbst, former US Ambassador to Ukraine, said that the films Dr. no particular scandal, informs resource LigaNews with reference to the talk show “Right to rule”.

“It wasn’t just the U.S. position. It was the position of the IMF, France, the UK, Germany and so on. The European Union,” said Herbst. And the fact that Poroshenko had to remove Shokin, knew everything and not only in Ukraine but throughout the world.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine said that in the films there is no scandal. While he remembered and so-called protectors against Kuchma, the situation with the elections in Ukraine in 2004.

Andriy Derkach argues that the audiotapes with recordings made in 2015-2016. They are talking about Shokin’s dismissal on demand of the USA and personally to the Biden. In his words, the record did Poroshenko personally, and the film he got from journalists.


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