“Still a comedian works,” Satanovsky about the press conference Zelensky

It is possible that his imprudent foreign and domestic policy Vladimir Zelensky can start a real war. In the relations with Russia, he is able only to ask Putin inappropriate questions. This opinion was voiced by Yevgeny Satanovsky.

Analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky is sure that its policy President of Ukraine is ready only mischief to the Donbass and Russia. The expert does not exclude that Zelensky is capable of much, informs resource LigaNews with reference to “Russian conversation“.

“Soon, apparently, he to start a war maybe – great, real. With him gone,” wrote Satanovsky on the page of your telegram of canal. The Professor asked the President not to be surprised when the Crimea with him only want to talk in Europe, and in Russia on the subject nobody wants to say no and not going.

Remembered Satanovsky Zelensky and the situation with the press attaché from time to time during the briefing of the President of Ukraine asked not to grimace. The scientist asked Zelensky seriously consider his country’s admission in the EEC and not to think about the EU. Better Ukraine to resume economic relations with the neighboring country, and not to take a course there, where they do not expect.

From the President Professor wanted to hear during the press conference the following: end the war in the Donbass and the region’s integration in the political space of Ukraine in the conditions of Donbass. And Zelensky is still “humorist works,” summed up your post Satanovsky.


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