American said that receives messages intended to Elon musk

Американка рассказала, что получает сообщения, предназначенные Илону Маску

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25-year-old American said that receives messages intended to Elon musk, the head of the companies, SpaceX, and Tesla. The phone number of a girl allegedly previously belonged to the businessman.

A California resident by the name of Lindsay Tucker (Stephen Tucker) reported that he bought the room a few years ago. After that, she began to receive strange calls and messages. According to Lindsay, she didn’t even know who Elon Musk is, until she told mom.

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The girl says that the messages are quite strange. A woman once said he wants to fly into space, and another person sent a drawing of the bionic limb.

In the end, the room Lindsay found in the announcement to the house which Musk sold a few years ago. After Elon got rid of the rooms, Telecom company AT&T randomly reassigned it to Lindsay. But the Internet room was already time to go to the sites and people associated it with Musk.

The journalists asked the businessman for a comment on the situation, and Elon said, “Wow! This room is so old. I’m surprised that someone is using them.”

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