The neural network identified the traits on the photo or rather the people

Нейросеть определила черты характера по фото точнее людей

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Russian mathematicians and psychologists have developed a new neural network. She identified traits on the photo or rather the people.

This writes TASS, citing the press service of the Higher school of Economics. Even a study published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

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The scientists said that the neural network was able to correctly identify the traits of almost 60% of cases. Random guessing usually gets only 50%. The researchers noted that the difference of 10% may seem insignificant, but in fact, the accuracy of the predictions of the artificial intelligence significantly superior people.

It should be noted that by itself, the technique of guessing in the character of a man in the photo seems questionable scientists. However, some researchers continue to look for connections between genetic differences, traits and appearance of a person.

In the new study, the neural network was well guess not all traits. The hardest thing for her was given to openness to new experience, and the easiest way — honesty and awareness.

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