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In the world there are hundreds of zany competitions. What are the world Cup by playing air guitar or Finnish tournament run with their wives on their shoulders. But where it to the championship of the USA on “air sex” (Air Sex)! Adults uncles and aunties queue up on stage and used his entire expression so as expressive to portray the intimate scene.

This kind of performance originated in Japan about ten years ago. In one of the clubs of Tokyo in order to entertain single men, thought to move on stage a simulated sex act to the music.

Less than two years as America began to hold contests for this, I may say, sport. First in Austin, Texas, and then throughout the country. Thank God, decided to abandon the paired speeches in favor of the solo numbers.

The competition is held with a large gathering of people. Often tight tipsy. A noisy crowd cheers the desperate participants of the tournament, and they quickly lose all shyness. Many use unusual costumes and supporting tools.

It is worth noting that the “air sex” is a Comedy phenomenon, not pornographic. Artists are forbidden to strip naked and pretend to be sex too realistic.

After each presentation, the jury scores. The winner usually is the one who showed sex the most exaggerated and comical.

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