In the Netherlands, mink could infect people with coronavirus

The Dutch authorities believe that the mink may have transmitted the coronavirus to the farm worker, which may be the first case of infection from an animaldiscovered after the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China. It is reported by the New York Post. The Dutch authorities require to conduct tests on all mink farms in the country.

The government said that the infection appears to be associated with outbreaks identified in April on farms breeding mink, when farmers noticed that some animals had problems breathing.

At the end of April in new York was also recorded infection of cats with coronavirus.

The Netherlands will conduct the screening of mink farms in the country for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus in “health workers”, according to Bloomberg.

Testing is compulsory, the government has said. Although it is also possible that mink were infected people before passing on the infection to others.

It is believed that the pandemic originated from bats, but since it was not reported that the animals spread the virus among the people.

Animals, apparently, infected with a virus from people, as the Bronx zoo announced last month that several big cats tested positive after contact with an infected employee of the zoo.


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