Woman sitting in quarantine, but tests revealed she coronavirus already 8 times

A canadian who contracted the coronavirus in March, was tested for dangerous virus, and the test showed a positive result for the 8th time.

Tracey Schofield from Cambridge, Ontario fell ill with symptoms of mers such as fever, chills, and breathing problems on March 30, and the first test showed she had the virus on March 31, reports the news outlet CTV News. Since then it 8 times took the test, including one that somehow inexplicably came negative.

Now she prepares for her already 10 test.

Within 2 weeks after the first test Tracy sat quarantined in my own room in the house, where also resides her 17-year-old son. During this period, she says, her temperature rose to 40 degrees. In addition, she lost the ability to sense flavors and aromas.

Now, after more than 50 days, she told CTV that is still experiencing difficulty breathing. “COVID-19 really influenced me, and continues to do every day,”she said.

After results women 7 times came up positive, its 8 the test came back negative. “I cried because I was so happy”, says Tracy. But according to the guidelines of the world health organization, the test should be negative twice in a row before the patient can be considered “recovered”. Unfortunately, 9 the test showed that the virus was still strong in her system.

Official representatives of the health care system warn that these tests have been known to give false positive and false negative results. Early reports suggest that some of the tests correctly found the coronavirus only in 70% of cases, approximately one third of patients received a false negative result.

Early reports showed that patients with coronavirus can spread the virus about 2 months after the onset of symptoms. However, anomalies, such as in the case of Schofield, demonstrate that the need for more study of the period of existence of the virus.

Now she fears the long complications of these symptoms. “I just wish someone had something to say,”she says. “Give me an answer. Will he have me?”


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