If the US earlier imposed a quarantine that would save 54 thousand lives, say scientists

Not fast enough, the reaction of the American authorities to the pandemic coronavirus could cost 54 thousand lives, say scientists from Columbia University in a study published in Wednesday, may 20.

Although the first cases of the coronavirus in the United States it became known at the end of February, most of the States began to introduce quarantine not before March 14. According to the authors of the report, these few weeks have played a key role in the record of mortality from COVID-19 among Americans.

As of may 3 in the country died from the virus 65,307 people — but according to researchers, the introduction of quarantine at least March 8 would reduce this number to 29,410. The introduction of quarantine on March 1, in turn, would reduce the mortality to 11,253 people.

Although in his tweet from March 9, the President, trump claimedthat the situation in the country is under control and the need for tough restrictions no, the study shows that by this time thousands of people were infected COVID-19. In cities especially hard-hit by the virus, such as new York or New Orleans — timely introduction of quarantine would greatly reduce the rate of infection, — scientists believe.

“Our study serves as a reminder of the importance of timely and decisive action in combating the pandemic coronavirus”, — they emphasize in their work.

To date, research has not yet received reviews in the scientific community. The results are not considered final.


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