Russian “Noah’s ark” went to unprecedented heights

Российский «Ноев ковчег» отправят на небывалую высоту

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The second Russian satellite “Bion-M” animals in 2023 will be flying at an unprecedented biological objects and are exposed to strong radiation, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Director for science of the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS Vladimir Sychev.

The first satellite “Bion-M” made its maiden flight in April-may 2013, with mice, gerbils, geckos, snails, crustaceans, fish and various microorganisms.

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“The second flight of the “Bion-M” will be unique because it will be held at the altitudes at which biological objects had not flown between 800 to 1,000 kilometers, and with increasing dose of radiation 10 times. After the first “Bion-M” was only 500 miles away, and the ISS is 400 kilometers,” — said Sychev.

“This will allow us to compare the results of two of the “Bion-M” and to understand that plays a major role in the effects seen in animals — an increase of radiation load or gravity”, he added.

According to the scientist, the launch of the spacecraft is planned in 2023. “Unfortunately, we all go to the right, and it is impossible to predict anything. But the work goes on, and the leadership of the Roscosmos firmly says that the pandemic coronavirus does not affect her time,” he said.

Sychev noted that much depends on funding, there are technical and organizational problems. “As these works are within the framework of the state defense order, the requirements have been tightened very severely. In my opinion, the scientific equipment is not always justified. But let’s hope that all this will successfully overcome”, — he explained.

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The scientist explained that the spacecraft will fly mouse because it’s “major objective”, as well as fruit flies to study General biological questions. In addition, there will be a variety of microorganisms, study cells, technical and technological experiments, growing crystals of proteins.

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