The United States condemned China’s new national security bill to Hong Kong

США осудили КНР из-за нового законопроекта о нацбезопасности Гонконга

The United States condemns China over the unilateral imposition of the Hong Kong new law on national security in the region, said US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. In his opinion, the actions of Beijing can affect the assessment of the status of Hong Kong from Washington, reports Reuters.

On Friday, may 22 in Beijing, opened the annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives. Yesterday in the agenda of the session included the national security act of autonomy. According to Pompeo this step is contrary to the legislation of the region and does not take into account the opinion of residents.

Washington has urged Beijing to reconsider its decision. American media write that the United States is ready to impose sanctions against China in case of approval of the document.

Reuters notes that the new law on national security may be the reason for creation in Hong Kong of the bases of special services of mainland China. This may lead to new anti-government protests.

About what Hong Kong urgently needs to adopt its own law on national security to deter acts of violence and separatism, Chinese authorities said in April.

Beijing believes that the protests in the summer of last year dealt a blow to the rule of law in the autonomy. With national security the Chinese government also took the fight against the epidemic COVID-19.

Monday in the legislative Council of Hong Kong scuffle during the discussion of the bill on punishment for disrespecting the national anthem of the PRC as the rest of China. An anonymous source on the mainland, said Hong Kong English language newspaper South China Morning Post that the all-China Assembly of people’s representatives was forced to take the initiative because the legislative Council of Hong Kong was unable to adopt a law on security.

In September the elections to the legislative Council of Hong Kong. If democratic forces will repeat their success in last year’s elections to the district authorities, they will be able to block bills introduced propakistani administration.

The issues of relations between Beijing and the Autonomous region of Hong Kong belong to the internal politics of China, which has no right to interfere, no country in the world, said Friday the speaker of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang, commenting on the USA the harassment of Hong Kong by the Central authorities in Beijing.

According to the spokesman of the Chinese foreign Ministry, the Chinese government is determined to protect the sovereignty and national interests.

We will remind, last summer the Hong Kong authorities decided to adopt a law on the extradition of suspects in crimes mainland China, which caused mass protests. They were accompanied by clashes with police.
After the mass demonstrations, the authorities withdrew the bill, but protesters continued to take to the streets and demand more independence from China and the release of all detained activists.

In the beginning of 2020 against the background of the pandemic coronavirus and restrictive measures, the protests have stopped, but the upcoming summer campaign may resume with renewed vigor.

The first sentence in the article about the riots was handed down in mid-may. 21-year-old Shin Ka-Ho received four years in prison.


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