From wearing headphones, the child appeared in the ear “black mushrooms”

This child learned a lesson that you should not go to headphones for too long.

10-year-old boy from Beijing (China) complained of itching and ringing in the ears, and then the mother took him to the doctors.

Experts looked inside the ear canal and noticed “numerous black fungal growths” in the inner ear.

Specialist-otolaryngologist Wu Yuhua was diagnosed with “athlete’s foot”, which is the term for a fungal infection. According to Laura, this was due to the fact that the boy long time was wearing headphones.

Credit: AsiaWire

When headphones inserted into the ear, they not only prevent the natural deposition of earwax, but can also retain moisture and increase the temperature inside the ear canal. This is the ideal location and conditions for reproduction of the fungus.

To all the above, the boy from Beijing loved to dig in the ear that underwent fungal spores from your finger to your ear.

10-year-old child underwent a course of antifungal treatment and has since been fully recovered.

Experts warn that it is better to wear headphones only 90 minutes a day and ensure that is not exceeded 80% of the volume.

The world health organization has previously warned that in the future a billion young people risk hearing loss due to portable audio devices.


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