“It’s a paradox”: the American “trolls” interfering in the policy of the EU

«Это парадокс»: американские «тролли» вмешиваются в политику ЕСAhead of presidential elections in the U.S. their work has intensified Internet trolls who act in the interests of the Republicans, write foreign media. And if to Moscow, these accusations are not new, then against Washington, they sound not so often, especially from Europe. Far-right Internet activists used the European political agenda and to raise political points of Donald trump in the eyes of the American voter.

American Internet activists have begun their work ahead of presidential elections in the United States. Their goal is Europe. This writes the Politico.

According to the publication, the last few years, activists who hold right-wing views, are activities aimed at the participation in online debates, the fake photos of politicians, and the press on migration and climate change to fuel intense debate and panic. According to Politico, to achieve its mission activists generate news sites and viral posts on social networks, misinforming the other users on a variety of issues, including on the subject of coronavirus.

As an example, Politico cites several electoral campaigns in Europe: Brexit, the election of the President of France, parliamentary elections in Italy and Sweden.

The work of activists focused on an information campaign ahead of the elections in the United States, that is, their audience is American voters. In this way, according to the publication, American activists are trying to promote Donald trump’s chances in the election.

Despite the fact that Americans, by and large, are not interested in the internal European agenda, online activists used the European political process for their own purposes.

Thus, the article reported that, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted on his Twitter account about the deal with the EU Brexit, American users began to retweet the message with the hashtags #GetBrexitDone (complete Brexit) and #TakeBackControl (to regain control). Soon the posts spread to the United States. Donald trump was a big supporter of Boris Johnson and his strategy for British exit from the EU. Creating such a positive agenda on the issue, online activists tried to raise political points the President of the United States in the eyes of his voters.

During the presidential elections in France they were posting memes about Emanuele the Macron, who fought for the presidency with the leader of the nationalist party “national front” marine Le Pen. In respective positions of Makron was depicted as a native of the corrupt French elites, which allowed activists to link the presidential elections in France with trump’s promises of “draining the swamp” is to rid the political center of the United States of nepotism, corruption and bureaucracy.

During the parliamentary elections in Italy in 2018, when populist and far-right leaders ahead of a traditional party, local campaigns in discussing the tactics of disinformation American groups, reports Politico, citing data analysis Institute for strategic dialogue.

The activists acted in the elections in Sweden in 2018, in which one of the Central themes were the refugees from the Middle East. American experts spread the message about the arrival of refugees in Sweden and the infringement of the citizens of the country.

Washington has not faced a wave of accusations on Internet propaganda and intervention in the internal political processes in Europe. Moreover, the United States were the first authors of such statements against Russia after the elections in 2016.

The main tool of “Russian propaganda” is called a “Troll factory” or “online investigations”.

Spectacular USA Robert Mueller, who was investigating “Russian Affairs” about the alleged Kremlin’s meddling in the US presidential election in February 2018 handed over to the court a 37-page document with detailed evidence of the intervention of at least 13 Russians and three Russian companies in the process of American elections.

According to the indictment documents of Robert Muller, under the “Troll Factory” opened “the translation project” whose objective was allegedly “to sow distrust in candidates and the political system as a whole.”

According to the White house, the Russians have created social networking groups that are critical of Democrats and their candidate in the election of Hillary Clinton. However, the theme activities of “Troll factory” since there was only limited their interference in the political processes of the United States.

So, in 2018, the American TV channel NBC News, citing an analysis of a group of scientists from George Washington University, the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University reported that are associated with Russia “bots” and “trolls” using the account in social network Twitter of “trying to stir up controversy” one of the most important topics in the field of public health. The US has accused Russia and in the dissemination of fakes on the coronavirus in social networks in order to create panic.

In addition, Washington claimed that the activities of the Russian “trolls” were also discussed such controversial topics as racial prejudice and the rights of the LGBT minority. In the United States believe that such tactics allegedly used by the Kremlin in social networks to create opposing camps within the American people and “to destroy faith in democracy”.

In 2018, the company Twitter has published the massive archive of messages with a volume of 360 GB, to illustrate the activity of Internet trolls on their platform in the period from 2013 to 2018.

“One of the main conclusions from this publication — the scale of operations. Another lesson is that these operations were carried out in the interests of the nation, which was represented by the trolls. If at first it all started with the internal tool to suppress the views of their own citizens, it ended a powerful weapon directed against the United States,” said Director of investigations at research firm on social networks Ben Nimmo in an interview with Bloomberg.

Now he says in a conversation with Politico the activities of us “trolls”.

“It’s a paradox. The extreme right in the United States, nationalistic and racist movement, is now trying to become global”, — quotes the edition of his words.


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