Muscovites will be able to see comet Swan before the end of June

Москвичи смогут увидеть комету Лебедь до конца июня

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Muscovites before the end of June can see in the Northern part of the sky comet C/F8 2020 (SWAN) — Swan, the press service of the Moscow planetarium.

A comet flies past Earth at a distance of 83.3 million kilometers, and on may 27 it will approach the Sun at a distance of 64.3 million kilometers.

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In the mid-latitudes it is already possible to see in the early morning in the North-East. From mid-may to end of June the comet will be visible throughout the night in the Northern part of the sky low over the horizon.

Since the end of June the comet will be visible in the morning shortly before sunrise in the northeast. In the period of visibility, the comet will move through the constellations of the whale, Pisces, Aries, Triangle, Perseus, Auriga, Gemini and Unicorn.

The comet was discovered by Australian Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo the images obtained on March 25, 2020 camera, SWAN (Solar Wind ANisotropies) space Observatory SOHO (Solar Heliospheric Observer).

Previously, scientists have noticed unusual activity dead neutron star. According to astronomers, it may be the first evidence of the possibility of transition of space bodies from a state of the pulsar to a Magnetar.

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