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The power consumption of bitcoin competes with Israel even after halving

After the may halving miners shut off about one third of the installations of the “old generation”, and energy consumption decreased by 24%.

When the 11 may the reward for mining bitcoin blocks was reduced from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC BTC, many miners were forced to disable legacy ASIC. Nevertheless, miners continue to expend tremendous computational resources.

According to Digiconomist, electricity used for mining bitcoin equal to the electricity consumption of Israel. His carbon footprint remains the same, like Syria, and one transaction of bitcoin requires as much energy as consumed by an average American household for 18 days.

According to after halving the difficulty of bitcoin mining has decreased by about 6%. Over the next 11 days are expected to be another decline of 6%, and this means that some of the smaller miners, which have been displaced due to the reduction of the remuneration for the block again.

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