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The real owner of the Bitcoin address 145 framed Craig Wright

The real owner Bitcoin wallets, which, according to Craig, belonged to his trust the Tulip Trust, said that Wright was a fraud. Messages signed by the key and placed so that all could see them.

The unknown owner of these 145 addresses claims that Craig Wright’s “the liar” and advises the developers of Bitcoin don’t stop working on the scalability.

The real owner of the Bitcoin address 145 framed Craig Wright

Tulip Trust is one of the biggest mysteries the modern world of cryptocurrency. Craig Wright, claiming zanesti Nakamoto claims that this trust is 1.1 million BTC belonging to him.

It is alleged that Wright and his partner Dave Kleiman kept bitcoins on hundreds of different addresses, and passwords from them kept the document under the name of Tulip Trust. Reith argued that trust in bitcoin belongs to him, but after the death of Kleiman in 2013, the passwords have been lost. He stated that they will be able to obtain private keys from the trust 1.1 million BTC in January 2020.

But January has passed, but Wright was not able pokazatelej the passwords to those addresses.

CEO of Blockstream’s Adam Back thinks that the addresses belong to the old miner, because many of them keep 50 BTC in 2010. These BTC were received as rewards for the unit and never used since 2010.

SEO Binance of Chanpen Zhao (CZ), which is not raskritikoval Wright, commented on the message: “We are all Satoshi, in addition to Craig S. Wright”.

We will remind that on may 20 the unknown had a transaction for 50 BTC from the address that has been inactive for more than 10 years. In court documents in the case of Kleiman Craig Wright pointed out that these assets belong to him. This means that he falsified court documents.

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