What were the women of Woodstock

In 1969 he opened the Woodstock festival, which attracted more than 500 thousand spectators. Then on stage in front of a crowd of thousands, made from 32 modern group that four day performed their hits for all the hippies of America.

Woodstock is known as the greatest musical event of all time and possibly one of the most important turning points in the history of music. Two days before the festival, the place had arrived about 60 000 people. On the day of the festival, the roads were so clogged that some artists had to use a plane to get to their own performances.

All the days on the territory of Woodstock was an atmosphere of complete freedom. There were no restrictions, rules or limits that every person was part of a huge living organism. This event is legendary, most of which seems like a fairy tale. However, many sources say about the event as a place mired in drugs and debauchery.

Despite all the history, facts, rumors and speculation, Woodstock can be called absolutely perfect, at least for the beautiful half of the audience — all women, who believed in peace, freedom and love.

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair debuted not in Woodstock but in Bethel, a small village 40 km away from Woodstock in the land of dairy farmer max Yasgur. For their trampled and littered by the public field Yasgur received $ 75,000.

During the festival took place nine preterm birth. One woman gave birth to a daughter right in the car in the 10-kilometer traffic jam at the entrance to the festival.

The company “Food for love”, which provided the audience with food, at some point, raised the price of hamburgers from 25 cents to 1 dollar. The audience saw it as the face of capitalism and burned a point of catering to the ground. Jewish community center, learning about the food shortages, gave to the needy 200 loaves of bread, 20 kg of meat and 9 liter jars of pickled cucumbers.

The majority of stories about utter debauchery and orgies really are just rumors. Yes, there have been many cases enough open displays of affection, but mass orgies from happening.

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