“You are black”: Joe Biden was accused of racism

«Вы не черный»: Джо Байдена обвинили в расизмеJoe Biden accused of racism. The politician said in an interview that voting for the President trump the citizens of the country can’t be black. The words of Biden sparked a debate about his chances in the elections, as in the case of the loss of support of the African-American population, he will lose one of the major trumps. Traditionally blacks vote for Democrats, but Donald trump is fighting diligently for their votes. Four years ago he promised that this election will get more than 95% of the votes of African Americans.

Racism has not lost its relevance in the United States and increases every time the political life of the country aktiviziruyutsya. Couldn’t avoid and ahead of presidential elections. However, at this time unexpectedly in the centre of the allegations was the Democratic candidate, former Vice President of USA Joe Biden.

“If you can’t decide for me or for you trump, you’re not black”, he said last week in an interview with radio host Leonard McKelvey, aka Charlamagne Tha God.

Biden’s statement caused a wave of indignation and debate in the public space of the United States. The New York Post calls the words of the democratic candidate “a punch in the gut to many African-American with any political beliefs.”

Former NFL player Jack brewer, commenting on the incident, said: “masks are removed”.

“Pure arrogance to take for granted the black vote,” said former co-chair of the campaign Bernie Sanders Nina Turner.

New York Post compared the interview of Biden with the “train wreck”. The material of the publication also reported that such remarks of the Vice-President may threaten him with serious consequences in the presidential elections.

Biden himself has apologized for his words and called them a “joke”. “No one should vote for any political party based on their race, religion or origin,” he said.

In the U.S. meanwhile, a discussion about whether the statement of the candidate of the Democrats could cost him the election. According to a study by Pew Research Center, the election 2020 will be marked by the decline in the share of the white population of America, it will be 66,7% compared to 76% at the beginning of the XXI century. At the same time, the election can vote 32 million Latinos, 30 million African Americans. And if earlier it was possible to argue that the high turnout trump will miss more than 10% of the votes, as happened with the Republicans in the midterm elections of 2018, after the statements of Biden, the situation is not so unambiguous.

However, one statement by Biden is unlikely to dramatically affect the support of African Americans.

A correspondent for the Washington Examiner David Drucker in the TV channel Fox News claimed that Joe Biden has strong support among the African-American population in part because that was the Vice President under Barack Obama, the most popular President among blacks in American history. In the 2012 election, he received 93% of the votes of African American voters. Biden himself has reminded the voters about his work with Obama and a good relationship with him.

Former US President really had the candidate his support, saying the choice of Biden as Vice President was one of his best decisions.

Although this incident and the accusations of the us policy of racism are not new, the notability of this case is that in the center of the scandal was not Donald trump, who is probably accustomed to such reproaches, and the candidate-the Democrat.

African-Americans have traditionally supported Demokraticheskiy party, and Republicans are perceived as enemies. A key role in creating this picture of the world played by the media: most news stations have a negative attitude towards the current President.

The trump can be called a racist veteran of the scandals. In 2016, voted for by only 8% of African Americans, and since then he has directed a lot of effort to change the situation.

“If I become President, then at the end of the four-year period when I will run for re-election, I guarantee you that will receive more than 95 percent of the votes of African Americans,” — said in 2016, the then presidential candidate Donald trump.

That’s when trump unemployment among ethnic minorities fell to a record 5.9% in 2018, what he forgets to specify. In pursuit of support of the black population, the White house tried to involve the opinion leaders among African-American voters. The result of one of the chips trump began his relationship with rapper Kanye West.

The President is not held a personal meeting with the musician. Kanye West appeared in public wearing a cap with the slogan trump’s “Make America Great Again” (let’s get America back to greatness) and gave him compliments.

The President is confident that the friendship with the rapper has borne fruit, and in 2018, after several personal meetings trump has stated that his support among blacks has doubled. Meanwhile, the rapper has repeatedly been criticized by other black artists for their friendly relations with the President-a Republican.

In light of the situation with the pandemic Donald Trump also managed to play to increase his popularity among the black population. The head of state insisted that his name was listed on checks to $1200, which was distributed to the Americans as the financial assistance in a pandemic coronavirus. As a result, when financial aid has reached the population, social networks have filled the posts of black Americans, expressing gratitude “to her boyfriend Trump”.

However, it is pandemic coronavirus oiled the success of the head of government in the economy, including increasing unemployment rate,

noted in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” the head of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt MSU Yuri Rogalev.

“Still, if we can say to some extent that black is the electorate Biden, what about the trump we can not say. The vast majority of the electorate is white working men. It is, of course, is to flirt with them, but now the epidemic has resulted in increased unemployment and that to a significant extent, the victims were African-American population. Of course, they Trump any other day. How successful will be his policy before the election — will the economy recover and whether there will be work place — we need to see it. But, of course, difficult to say that the black electorate in his pocket, even though he tries,” explained the expert.


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