Australian scientists have proposed a version of origin, coronavirus: is ideally suited for infection

The unique structure COVID-19 suggests that he was either created by man or is natural a “complete accident.” With this version was the lead Australian researcher specializing in vaccines.

Австралийский ученый предложил версию происхождения коронавируса: идеально приспособлен для заражения

Coronavirus is so “perfect” for human exposure, it is impossible to ignore the possibility of its origin from the Chinese lab, say Australian researchers vaccines.

As informs edition Daily Mail, according to Australian Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, the coronavirus is better were attached to the human cells than any other animal, which explains why this virus is currently infecting five million people.

A team of scientists from the Flinders University in Adelaide and Latrobe University in Melbourne studied how the virus SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19, infected different animals.

The coronavirus is associated with ACE2 receptor molecule in the cells of the lungs, using a fine-tipped protein – the stronger he can join, the less the probability of leaching.

Professor Petrovsky expected to identify the animal (e.g., bats), which would be most susceptible to this and probably were the original source of the virus – but was shocked when people came in the first place.

In addition, viruses tend to become better at infecting new species as they adapt over time, but COVID-19 launched a “fully optimized from day one without the need of evolution.”

“This is a new virus, which has never been in the human body, but it possesses extremely high levels of binding to human receptors that is very surprising, the scientist told the publication the Daily Mail Australia. – He’s almost perfectly tailored for a man”.

“We need to ask how it happened, – says the researcher. – Was it a complete accident? It can be so… the Other possibility that still cannot be ruled out, is that SARS-CoV-2 was created by a recombination event that occurred unintentionally or deliberately in a laboratory, dealing with the coronavirus, a new virus, which then accidentally fell in among the local population.”

Wuhan Institute of Virology, located a few minutes ‘ walk from the city market, the famous laboratory studying several coronaviruses of bats.

Most scientists believe that COVID-19 appeared on the market of exotic animals in Wuhan naturally and was not created by man.

However, the Professor Petrovsky said that no one is denied properly the theory laboratory of origin, coronavirus, and studies have shown that it is quite plausible, and there was also little evidence that the virus came naturally.

Closest to COVID-19 disease is BatCoV RaTG1 found in bats, which is 96 percent similar to the strain that is spreading worldwide among people. However, it pointed protein is much less effective than the COVID-19, and it will require significant adaptation, to become something that could easily infect humans.

The next most susceptible to human animals was the pangolins, small scaly mammal that can be found in many Chinese markets. But the coronavirus, which affects the species of this animal, only 90% similar to the SARS-CoV-2.

Professor Petrovsky said that although there is a possibility that the “wrong” bat met the “wrong” pangolin, “thus giving the virus flying mice high binding to receptors АСЕ2 as pangolin and man”, statistically it is incredible.

“The probability that one pangolin will create the virus and then come in close contact with a person to infect him, is ridiculously small, – the expert believes. We might expect that there will be many infected pangolin, we have not found them”.

These lizards would be the “intermediate owner” who caught the virus the causative agent and handed over to the people.

An example is middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which started with the bats, that infected camels, who then passed it on to his people.

Moreover, researchers have not found an alternative host for COVID-19, they don’t even realize that the disease is prevalent, no one kind of pet – even the bats, the main suspect responsible for the pandemic.

“Viruses don’t appear out of nowhere, so we need to seek more to find a natural source, or we need to continue the investigation to find the source of unnatural,” – said the Professor.


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