Vicki Dugan model nicknamed the Back, which became the prototype of the seductive Jessica rabbit

For anybody not a secret that modern culture is obsessed, sorry, priests. Such secular party girl like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, to create the image by its fifth point. However, they are not the first who drew attention to the place just below the back.

In 1950-ies the public excited Vicki Dugan. This model is used to wear dresses with extremely open back. By the way, it became the prototype of the cartoon sex bomb Jessica rabbit.

Vikki Dougan was born in 1929. Already at the age of 16 appearance helped her to win several beauty pageants. Then she married William Simons — owner of the Studio. But the more increased the popularity of Wicca, the worse was the relationship between the spouses.

In the early 1950s Vikki Dougan was basically the face of advertising campaigns. Then she got the first role in the movie “back from eternity”. It is worth noting that Vicki and her film career never happened. Over 10 years of trying the girl starred in only seven films and three television. No leading role.

The real fame came to Vicki Dugan after meeting with a Hollywood publicist Milton Weiss. Weiss invited Vicki to create the image of a sex bomb, and she agreed. Originally, the publicist has ordered for girls three expensive exclusive dresses. They were long, elegant and… with a fully open back. In them, Vicki has appeared on all the parties and premieres of films. The press dubbed her the nickname of The Back — Back.

Plan Weiss worked flawlessly. The tabloids were writing about Vikki Dougan. Fatal beauty is not even allowed on some of the premiere movies as actress complained that she pulls all attention to himself. In 1957 Vikki Dougan attracted the attention of Hugh Hefner and appeared in Playboy magazine. When asked why she only wears dresses with open back, Vicki replied, “And what if I have such small Breasts”.

In the 1960s interest in the person Vicki Dugan began to disappear. Her image is no shocked.

About Vicki Dugan spoke up again when the animators copied her image, creating a character Jessica rabbit from the animated film “Who framed Roger rabbit”. Hot Jessica not only was a dress with an open back, borrowed from Vicki, but the same manner of speaking.

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