Virologist explained why some Russians are immune to coronavirus

Вирусолог объяснил, почему некоторые россияне невосприимчивы к коронавирусу

There are certain physiological and biological reasons, because of which, some sick with coronavirus, but not others, said in an interview with TV channel “Zvezda” virologist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Altstein. As an example, he took the children.

It is known that children almost never get sick with coronavirus. “In children less formed of one kind of protein that is the receptor of this virus,” said Alstein.

Also, the virologist explained how to act scientists created a vaccine against coronavirus. It will produce some of the lymphocytes that form antibodies. We are talking about the B-lymphocytes that form these antibodies and T-lymphocytes that destroy infected cells.

Note that to date almost half of people infected with coronavirus in Russia, the disease progresses in asymptomatic form. For this reason, authorities require citizens to carry in public places, masks and gloves to avoid infecting the people within the risk groups.


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