17 rules that will save your life

Almost all know not to TEXT behind the wheel and what to do in case of fire. But life can throw such situations that we have no quick and easy answer. On the website of questions and answers Quora users decided to share life-saving tips that can be very useful if you suddenly find yourself in such a dangerous position. These tips will not be superfluous to bookmark.

The brain can’t simultaneously control the process of walking and using a mobile phone, so look forward, not to the screen.

Security consultant Murali Krishnan notes that walking and using the phone equally require more cognitive effort. In the end, you can’t fully concentrate on both simultaneously, as, for example, walking and chewing. There is a chance fall victim to the “blindness of inattention” when you see some object, but not realize that’s the car that’s coming right at you.

Ensure that the rearview mirror in your car was tuned correctly, and avoid the dead (blind) zones.

Wearer site named Kristen rush claims that not all vehicles blind spot is inevitable. Adjusting the mirrors to barely see the edges of your own car, you can successfully get rid of blind spots on the sides. Rear view mirror should give you an idea about the status of any machine in the back. Take a few seconds to properly adjust the mirrors when driving.

Heat is transferred faster through a liquid than through a gas, so avoid moisture, so as not to freeze.

Engineer Leah Lavoie says that there is a relationship between the humidity and feeling cold. So in cold weather not to let the body temperature drop too quickly, don’t skimp on the wool clothes instead of cotton: it absorbs more moisture and dampness gets to the skin. And of course, do your best not to get wet.

There is snow to avoid dehydration in the most extreme cases.

Lavoie also notes that the body uses huge amounts of energy to convert the substance from one state to another. It is therefore necessary to have snow as a replacement for water in a pinch. Getting this small amount of moisture, your body will spend precious heat.

If your plane made an emergency landing in the sea, do not inflate your life vest immediately.

A user named Alvin Yip warns against the impulse to immediately inflate the life jacket after the plane made an emergency landing in the sea. The water that can rush into the cabin to compound movements, if you’re wearing a vest. So you first need to reach the exit and only then inflate the vest not to drown in the sea.

If you are choking, the Heimlich maneuver can be done yourself.

Few people realize that you can do without assistance, to get rid of the piece of food stuck in the throat. Naman of Maruca told how to do the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. First you have to fold your dominant hand into a fist under the ribcage directly over the navel. The palm of the second hand should be put on the fist to push harder. Press down with a fist to the belly move inwards and upwards, towards the diaphragm, which is located in the upper abdomen. This must be done with force. Repeat a few times until it stuck in the throat, the object cannot be dislodged and frees the respiratory tract.

Always bring powerful and proven antihistamines when you go to a new place.

You never know where you will come across something that you are allergic, especially if you go Hiking or go camping, they said the user, named Ryan Borek.

The limits of the human body are reduced to the “rule of three”.

Experts on survival know by heart short description of its limits, says Ruchin Agarwal. The average person can survive three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions, three days without water and three weeks without food.

If cooking oil caught fire, turn off the burner and cover the pan in which is burning oil.

Ruchin Agarwal also explains why you should never use water to extinguish burning oil or fat. Water molecules will sink and be at the bottom of a hot dish, evaporate instantly and pushing the flames even higher. Therefore, burning the oil should simmer, turn off the burner and blocking the access of oxygen to the fire.

If you are injured with a sharp object, remove it from the wound.

If you get stuck in the body with a sharp object, it will accelerate the blood loss, says Thomas may. Instead, try to cover the wound and do everything you can to stop the bleeding as long as you do not have adequate medical care.

Most plane crashes occur in the first three minutes after takeoff and eight minutes before landing.

The user Sanket Shah writes that the security follows the rule “+3/-8”, which encourages people to be more vigilant immediately after takeoff and just before landing 80% of crashes happen then. It is better to use this time to focus and remember where the emergency exits than to mentally get lost in the next movie or audiobook.

Most of the deaths in home fires occur due to smoke inhalation and not from burns.

User Harsh Sharma advises in this case to bend down closer to the floor to breathe less smoke.

If you are injured in a public place, choose one person and ask for help specifically to him, to avoid the effect of an outsider.

Sharma also explains the well-studied psychological phenomenon, in which crowds of people are not able to give help because everyone thinks that come to the aid of someone else. If you are not too injured and unable to call for help, select one in the crowd and directly refer to that person. So you’re more likely to get help.

A bright flashlight can be your best weapon against the aggressor.

Instead of carrying Mace or a weapon, is enough to bring a very bright flashlight, which will scare away the aggressor no less effective, says Sanket Shah. “If you are approaching someone who you think is aggressive in case of danger, the light power up to 300 lumens, focused into the eyes (especially at night), will give you the opportunity to escape, — the user writes. — And if you misjudged the situation, no one will get hurt and you will avoid trouble.”

If you are lost while Hiking in the nature, try to find a fence or stream.

“The flow of water always flows downhill and inevitably flows into a larger stream or body of water” — reminds the user Jon Mixon. Well, the boom is sure to lead you to the road or to any structure.

Use condoms as improvised water tank.

Condoms are remarkably resilient. As noted by Janice Bacewicz, you can take advantage of it, if you suddenly urgently needed a large water tank. They can replace the flask and can hold about a gallon of water. “You can also use them to protect from water — like elastic cover for matches or radios in the campaigns,” — she advises.

If you look out for way out in advance, you are not confused in case of emergency.

When the local authorities send out alerts to the population about natural disasters, many remain in their seats, even when they are strongly advised to evacuate. The user John Ewing says that psychologists call this phenomenon “the rejection of normality”. It concerns the tendency of people to assume that everything will cost, even if they are clearly in danger. Ewing says that people can get out of the cycle of deviations of normality, pre-determining the location of emergency exits in public places, such as in cinemas or in restaurants. If you mentally prepare for action in a dangerous situation, you will not be confused.

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