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Polkadot launched the basic version of the network

Non-profit Foundation Web3 released the first version of Polkadot – secure Protocol that allows you to interact decentralized blockchains.

According to the official announcement , originally Web3 Foundation will retain control over the network, thereby enabling the nod and validation blocks. This period will allow you to perform critical verification and audit safety, as well as to calibrate the final aspects of the network.

Investors can also DOT token to access their accounts, to become the validators or assign other validators, although currently they can’t pass DOT.

Web3 Foundation plans to gradually hand over control of the network owners after the DOT ensure the smooth operation of the network and vote for enabling the transmission of tokens.

A few weeks before the start of operation, the Fund Web3 made a proposal on renaming the DOT and increase the total supply of tokens in the 100 time – step, which in the end caused some controversy. Although at that time the community Polkadot accepted the offer, the Fund decided to plan the implementation of innovations and to conduct another survey after the launch.

Polkadot is a stand-alone bloccano that connects several chains into a single network, allowing them to exchange information securely and in parallel to process the transaction. Polkadot solves the bandwidth problem that until now prevented the development of decentralized applications.

Development Polkadot began in 2016, and tocancel, which attracted $145 million, was successfully held in 2017.


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