Poll: 60% of Americans plan to be vaccinated against influenza

According to the poll Reuters/Ipsos, about 60% of the adult US population plan to do a flu shot in the fall on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

The study also found a link between vaccination and political affiliation, race, income. A survey with the participation of 4428 adults was conducted online between 13 to 19 may. According to the organizers of the survey, the possible error is about 2%.

Here is some key results:

  • 40% of respondents said that over the past five years had been vaccinated against the flu each year, while 30% said that they had not been vaccinated during this period.
  • 67% of Democrats said they plan to be vaccinated against influenza among supporters of Republicans – 58%;
  • 62% of white respondents said they plan to be vaccinated against influenza, while about 46% of African Americans and 59% of Latinos said they plan to or will do it;
  • 55% of people in households earning less than $50 thousand a year, plan to get vaccinated against influenza, and 67% in households earning more than $100 thousand per year;
  • 57% of respondents who live in rural areas, 61% in suburban areas and 59 percent in towns said they plan to be vaccinated against flu in the autumn.

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