The vet told us how to rescue the cat from the coronavirus isolate sick people

Mention of the fact that cats can hurt coved and be a peddler of this infection began to appear in February. In China, this triggered a mass release outside Pets, in Moscow, then spread active rumors that the utilities will be taken to destroy stray cats.

Then all was quiet. And here we are again. Moscow cat gave a positive test on the new “crown”.

Ветеринар рассказал, как спасти кошку от коронавируса: изолировать заболевших людей

In this connection, the owners decided to make a cat diagnosis, the media is not reported. We only know that the pet diagnosis put on the basis of PCR test, that is, taking a smear from the mucous of the animal. The test showed the infection of cats with the virus SARS-CoV-2. This was reported by the world organisation for animal health (OIE). According to the results of the cat was placed in quarantine “at the location”.

The world was already reported infection of a new “crown” not only cats, but also dogs, and even one of home tiger. They were all in contact with infected people. In addition, scientists have reason to believe that the virus can be transmitted to ferrets (from cat and backwards) – this was established laboratory practice has not yet been confirmed. But the most important is that while there is no single evidence that cats, dogs or ferrets can infect Kovalam person. Doctors remind that COVID-19 is transmitted mainly by airborne droplets among people. Although we should not forget that the virus allegedly came from the world of animals (snakes, bats or pangolin).

It should be noted that everything in the world studied about 40 different coronaviruses, 7 of which are human, and the rest are rampant in the animal world. These viruses are referred to as species-specific (feline, canine, etc.) – in other words, transmitted strictly within the species, and the cat cannot infect the dog. People these viruses also infect animals can’t.

He told the observer “MK” Moscow veterinarian Alexander Evgenyevich, isolated cases about cat infections with the novel coronavirus nothing to say: “It may be an error of diagnosis – we all know that PCR tests often give false-positive diagnoses. So people are pretty stupid to be afraid of being infected by cats. If we talk about feline coronaviruses, for animals this is quite a serious thing. They affect the lungs, intestines and cause almost complete mortality. For example, is a dry form of feline coronavirus infection cat dries and dies slowly over several months. Such animal is the test, also PCR, and then testing for antibodies, and if they are positive, count, the animal is doomed, and the owner decides to lead him on or not to. In another form of developing FIP, and the animal dies. In addition, there may exist a ocular form of the coronavirus, which nekrotizirutee the corneal tissue. But there are versions that this virus only works together with herpes and Mycoplasma. A vaccine against feline coronavirus is, but it is weird and unpopular. Virtually none of their Pets are not imparts, for we know that after vaccination, the animal may get sick”.

However, this year the country recorded a demand for the vaccine due to the fact that some not quite honest, the clinic took advantage of the situation. On 17 April the Moscow Department of the FAS Russia even filed cases against veterinary clinics, touting services for diagnosis, vaccination and treatment of coronavirus in cats and dogs.

Meanwhile, vets are still advised to protect the animals during a pandemic to minimize their contacts with other people and animals outside the home. And if someone gets sick, he needs to be isolated, in particular from Pets.


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