The loss of jobs in the United States exceeded 40 million

Americans filed more than 40 million applications for unemployment benefits over the last 10 weeks, according to new figures from the Ministry of labour.

As a result of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, the number of applications increased by 2.1 million over the week. As reported by The Washington Post, USA suffer historic losses caused by the pandemic, which temporarily, and in some cases, and permanently closed businesses across the country.

In recent weeks, many States began to remove restrictions introduced in March to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Julia Pollak (Julia Pollak), economist, human resources, the company believes that the most popular are remote, “safe” jobs that require little or no personal contact, including data entry, customer service and other personnel tasks.

The struggle for long-term, socially-term employment reflects the continuing concerns on the part of U.S. workers about their physical and financial security against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus, which lasts for three months.

The crisis has led to the fact that the national unemployment rate exceeded 14%, which is the highest rate since the great depression.

Since March, the Americans suddenly left without work, received additional assistance in the amount of $ 600 per week as unemployment benefit. President trump, for his part, in recent weeks promised a quick recovery.



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