103-year-old American recovered from coronavirus, and drank in honor of this beer

103-year-old great-grandmother from the USA celebrated the recovery of coronavirus is quite remarkable for her venerable age way – took a swig of cold beer.

The family of 103-year-old Jenny Stany of Massachusetts feared the worst when the woman began to show symptoms Covid-19.

She was the first person in his nursing home, who contracted the coronavirus. Her granddaughter, Shelly Gunn, told USA Today that Jenny did not quite understand what is coronavirus or a pandemic has swept the entire planet. However, she knew that her health was deteriorating.

Jenna’s family, which includes two children, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, said to prepare for parting with her.

Her grandson Adam Gunn asked whether Jenny to go to heaven, and she, in his words, replied: “hell, Yes”.

He added TMZ Sports that Jenny resigned and was calm. However, her condition miraculously improved, and the doctors finally said that she won coronavirus in three weeks after infection. Although it may seem unusual for a man who just won a potentially deadly virus, Jenny decided to celebrate this by drinking a cool beer Bud Light.

As it turned out, the elderly often enjoy the beer, especially during a pandemic. So, 93-year-old olive Veronesi from Pennsylvania donated 150 bottles of beer after she wrote the note (and stood with her on the porch) that it ended with beer.


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