“Wait countermeasures” in Beijing replied to Washington on the threat from trump

China is ready to take countermeasures against Washington if the United States will continue to interfere in the internal Affairs of Hong Kong. This statement was made by the foreign Ministry of China.

Zhao Lijiang, a spokesman for the foreign Ministry of China, during Friday’s press briefing, may 29, said that Washington should stop political manipulation with respect to the bill about national security in Hong Kong, informs resource LigaNews with reference to Telegram channel “Before anyone else”.

“The Chinese government remains committed to confront foreign interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong,” said Lijiang. If Washington will continue to intervene in the internal Affairs of another state, then from Beijing will be immediately followed by countermeasures.

A few days ago representatives USA, UK, Australia and Canada accused China that they are going a new national security act to destroy the principle in respect of Hong Kong “one country, two systems”.

Heads of state said the new actions of Beijing in respect of Hong Kong will only reinforce the divisions in society itself. The new law will not promote reconciliation within Hong Kong.

The leaders of the country to urge Beijing to give Hong Kong people the previously promised rights and freedom.

The new law stipulates liability for “treason, separatism or rebellion.”


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