“Red soup”. As a literary and atmospheric describe the usual recipe

«Красный борщ». Как литературно и атмосферно описать обычный рецепт

Mirocke Haimovich still very lucky. You’ll laugh, but she finally got married. No, first her, of course not that unlucky, the first Fiocco Haimovich one for the bride is not considered. When she married her cousin Khas and it’s time to throw the bouquet for the bride, Fiocca not even raised his tushie from the chair and continued to eat a chicken leg.

— Ah, I beg you, I’m almost forty and in all that time if men are looking at me, only to ask how much these meatballs.

Piroska worked in the dining room, a worsted factory and did burgers for all including the price.

Piroska lived with my mom for the Armor and Y. sewing machine that still worked. Although the Armor Yakovlevna was also not working. From working in the whole apartment there was only Fiocca.

And everything would have continued as it is, if Verochka no luck.

And she still has so lucky that didn’t know how. Verochka didn’t marry some gin-pin with the market, and a real doctor in a white coat and gold pince-nez. The doctor’s name was Samuel Abramovich Schwartz, but Verochka his name was mula and he responded.

For this doctor to Finicky for five years hunted all more or less decent unmarried bridesmaid, and even rose Suit sighed about it a high chest, and rose Suit still have something to breathe that you yourself was not thinking.

In a word until all spoil their nerves and wanted to make myself a personal life, this life has made him Verochka Haimovich, low full the girl thirty-seven years with enviable living space and two stools of the property. And who would have thought!

You do of course ask, as this is Verochka could make all of the patient’s head, and imagine the joy of a family? So I’ll tell you how Verochka could do all pregnant head, and imagine the joy of a family. I, of course, will respond. And I know that I will answer you the truth and you can think yourself what you want.

Once Dr. Schwartz went to Verochka about the heart. Not her heart, and the hearts of Armor jakovlevny of her mother, who worked as their sewing machine. Mom grabbed a little heart, and Dr. Schwartz came to treat her through the clinic. But it turned out that he came for my mother’s heart, and got Verochkina. When Dr. Schwartz came in with heat sweating like a stevedore, took off his white hat and gave my mother valocordin, Piroska offered him a cold red borsch, which you call beetroot and called my grandma would beat you with brooms and not allowed to cry.

But if you want to call him that, do what you want, you might think I have it.

So, Piroska fed red borscht doctor. And the doctor realized that this was what he sought all his life. I mean, it’s cold red borsch and Piroska. And when he wiped his mouth with a napkin, he wanted to marry Terochke and began to walk to her with flowers and crêpe de Chine dresses as a gift.

Fiocca not that broke, at her age, it’s funnier than a circus, so I agreed and now she even envies rose Suit, in spite of the volumes and languid sighs.

So, you want to know what is the red borscht gave Piroska doctor? well, I will tell you. I can also cook and make yourself a happy life, be healthy and most importantly eat on time.

You need tops. Take a beet, cut off the tops and you have it. Put it aside, and do wash under running water the beets and bring to a boil in kastrjulke. When cooked, peel and grate. Most importantly do not pour the broth, it is necessary to strain it through cheesecloth and let them cools silently.

While you RUB beets, boil eggs in steep. Then peel and cut into cubes.

Wash and chop the feathery tops, which was in the side.

cut fresh cucumbers, green onions and dill.

Still when everything is ready, mix it all together: beets, eggs, herbs, tops, cucumbers. Salt, pepper, do not hesitate.

Then it’s rather simple. Put a spoon on plates and poured the resulting broth is cool, which is pre-squeezed lemon.

Put into each plate of sour cream, sliced black bread waiting for the right doctor to bestow him with this now to eat and personal life.

And just so you I was healthy.

«Красный борщ». Как литературно и атмосферно описать обычный рецепт

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