On the nose: 50 photos from the world of perfection, the perfection of which exceeds

All know that the greatest feeling when some items perfect for each other. Nice to see such perfect (albeit not 100%) match — probably because each of us lives a little perfectionist. Everyday life is full of such harmonious moments and the main thing — to catch them. Enjoy!

This is a place created for Snickers.

“I’m cabinets a couple of years, but I see this for the first time”.

Two sofas perfectly fit in the living room (only outlets spoiled the thrill).

The perfect gloves.

“This one is got into the doorway of an office of my colleagues.”


“Opened container of pills and found it is stuck 7 tablets”.

A best match.

“My tall friend and subway of London.”

It is an incomparable feeling.

The hedgehog and the pitcher.

“It made the water taste even better”.

A perfect hotel set.

The small bowls into a great one.

The complete works of Charles Dickens.

“A pair of lenses is formed in my swim mask. Now I can see all the fish”.

Flower pots match the size of the tiles.

Perfect fit nose.

Brush for Windows is perfectly suited for the size.


Tablets in the container.

They are made for each other.

Smarty that could.

Loader — a fan of Tetris.

A litre bottle of Jameson was a perfect fit in the holder for the fire extinguisher.

Cutting Board and sink.

Curved display and a table from IKEA.

Exactly-to a tee.

On the nose.

“My door in the bathroom is so close to the lamp that I have goose bumps every time”.

As if it was.

Grapefruit is perfectly blended in a Cup.

That, but fit perfectly.

Packaging of the gloves contained within the box of the doctor.

Racking and carton..

Ring onions and sausage.

A can of beer and cover for the umbrella.

The mattress and the doorway.

Came at the perfect whistle.

The perfect fruit.

Cord and a crack in the pavement

The perfect noodle.

“Honestly, nothing is measured”.

Conveniently folded watermelon.

Building puzzle.

Cookie-fish, and the ear of the baby (hopefully, the parents have not forgotten about the cookie).

Button and knife.

Attempt to make a sandwich of a perfectionist.

The courier found the perfect place to leave the parcel.

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