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Study: Account model significantly reduces the level of anonymity in Ethereum

Institute of computer science and control Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 29 may published a study called “Blockchain watching: Profiling and deanonimizatsiya of the user Ethereum”.

The study focused on a few specific Ethereum functions that simplify the tracking of users compared to the other UTXO bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies. The researchers noted that the model accounts in Ethereum makes the network less private compared with the model UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output is unspent transaction outputs).

“Account-model encourages the reuse of addresses on the Protocol level. This trend in practice making the account worse UTXO cryptocurrencies-cryptocurrencies from the point of view of confidentiality,” the study says.

One unique feature of Ethereum Ethereum is the presence of a Name Service (ENS), which binds the address to chelovecescie domains “.eth”. The researchers were able to link 890 domains with public profiles on Twitter.

The researchers also analyzed the work of popular Ethereum-mixer Tornado Cash, which allows users to “clean” the funds, sending them to the new address. The researchers found that 7.5% of users withdrew funds on the same address from which the Deposit was made, I did it mixing completely useless.

Use custom values for gas in multiple transactions and direct transfers between the wallets also make it easy to identify. Overall, 17% of transactions can be deanonymization using very simple techniques.

Although the researchers focused on the weaknesses of anonymity Ethereum, they stressed that the same methods can be used for UTXO-cryptocurrency, although to hold deanonimizatsiyu on them will not be easy.


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