“If you knew how much I have buried friends who were exceptionally healthy way of life!”

How many in a network of inspirational “sources of wisdom” that teach how to live. But there are honest, simple message, written from the heart, clearly and strongly.

Svetlana Kazina (Branch) — traveler, an artist, a self-taught photographer, whose pictures have spread all over the world. And it is just a good and wise man. Svetlana lives in the Altai and frequently publishes on its website stunning photographs of nature. When she wrote on Facebook this post, he has collected more than 16 thousand likes and almost 14 thousand shares. We also could not pass up, touched with simple and wise words that can change your attitude to life.

The text you will find below. The spelling and punctuation of the original retained. And draw your own conclusions.

“The people‼ Ludicke my dear! Long wanted to write this post. But before you would I not believe now is the time! Yes, and pelted me with questions already on this topic.


1. Disease come not from the fact that the environment is bad, the water is dirty, the food is plastic and not moving enough. Not at all! This is the first.

Disease come not from the fact that you are in the city or in the village. Believe me, the human body is a perfect machine for adaptation to any environment and food. So we, the villagers, can’t have your city, powder food, drink your water and smell your air. But not because everything is dirty. But because more. Unusual to our body.

And you have mountains drischite, sorry, from our spring and river water, cow milk, mutton and things, and from our altitude and pressure your head pop like watermelon. But (!) there and not there — not bad! We just have environment different. You adapted here, and we are there. In the mountains just sick, as in the city, calm down))) And in cities as there are centenarians.

2. Second: If a person lives in harmony with nature, praying, meditating, johirul, eating sprouted grains of wheat, wears the hairdo of Jesus or the goddess Kali and donates to orphanages, it does not mean that he will live 100 years and die healthy! Not at all!

What makes you think that if you live by the sea in Lotus position, ill not be? If you knew how much I have buried friends who were exceptionally healthy lifestyle!

EXTREMELY HEALTHY!!! Among them athletes, physicians, healers and people working around the clock on their spiritual growth. Non-smoker, non-drinker, Amaterasu, they died from cancer.

You will never understand why comes the disease. Stop to bother the concepts of “impossible”, “diet” and “sin”. It’s not ulinit your life. Because the disease is not in the body, disease in the head!

So just have FUN!

Do it all in fun.

— Learn how finally eat what you like and not what is good. Just eat it and not eat.

— I can’t quit Smoking? Don’t give in! Smoke but not with remorse, with pleasure. To quit Smoking is not at all necessary. You have to be WILLING not to smoke. And prohibition always works the other way around.

— Help to edrene hair dryer unloved work or learn to enjoy it, whatever it was.

— You do not get fooled calls fashion, time, Internet, etc… Not nepalisite themselves alien and false images of highly spiritual personality.

Impossible sad to see the accounts of social networks. Whatever Marivanna, “Call of the Universe” or “Flying rainbow”! Whatever Palpalis, “Svyatogor smashing” or “Eye of justice”. Any wall, then a series of images with the third eye, the Yin-Anami and mandalas. Whatever the account, a list of aphorisms lamas, prophets, elders, suddenly-wiser actors and never existed sages.

Look and think: how I finally got here, to this highly spiritual personalities? I swear, sometimes I want to vomit from such “highly spiritual” accounts, which actually sit just ordinary people like all acne, tooth decay, heartburn, neighbors, family, unhappy love, etc… Be as you are! Be what sabami!)))

— Spend time doing the things I wanted and wanted to do since childhood. Learn guitar, piano, vocal, skiing, watercolor, mosaic, clay, etc. No people who do not have creative inclinations, that I as the artist say. Do not dream about the bike and buy it! Do not hoard the dreams, they faded out and rot in the recesses of the brain!

Always wanted in the mountains, and bathing in the office? Go to the mountains! Live and mountains, and I want to bathe in the office? Go to the city! ))) ALL IN YOUR HANDS!

— Like your privacy? Privacy pleasure. Afraid of being alone? Go to the people)))

— Find joy and pleasure in everything. Even where, it would seem that this can not be.

— And most importantly: people, lifestyle should not be healthy and HAPPY!

And anyway, right now I will reveal to you the most important secret of life and the meaning of life:
the meaning of life no! )))

There’s just Life. Morning, afternoon, evening, night, and again morning. There is a planet, people, flora and fauna. Weekdays and holidays. Happiness and misfortune.

And there is Death. And it comes at any time, at any age. So whether you have time to live other people’s dreams, ideas and imposed social norms?

Have fun and do not look for the causes of diseases and deaths among relatives and artists. This we can not understand. But given Life. And it has to be lived in Joy. Without disturbing others enjoy. And even helping)))

Well, if you like to look for the meaning of life, then consider that he is — to live in joy.

Pysy: all this does not mean that be in search and be a seeker bad. No. If it’s joy, it’s health))) But those are my friends, relatives and strangers, dying, confessed to me: “Now all my life I was looking for something, doing something, somewhere to run, and most importantly it was under his nose. Favorite people. And all I wanted to do with them, I have never…”…

People, all this I wrote because I got a lot of questions on this topic. You better not ask me for my views on life very unique and it is unlikely you will like it))) don’t be disappointed)))…

Although, to be honest, I don’t care… I always have something to do. I, as they say, life is not enough to realize all your ideas and wishes… But I will try))) This is My Life.

Please don’t forget: happiness is not in the village or town, not in the mountains or on the plains, it is IN your HEAD! Live how you want and do not compare your happiness with others. Still YOUR happiness will not understand))) If it were not for the evaluation and comparison of happiness, faith and values, there would be no wars…

With love to you your draw #Branch”

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