How to recognize the symptoms of seasonal allergies and coronavirus

May and June are the months when in many parts of the country many people are more likely to exhibit symptoms of allergies, and given the fact that the country has also been pandemic coronavirus may be hard to see the difference.

“About 15% -30% of our population suffer from allergies in one form or another. This is quite common”, says Dr. Mason Goodman, a pulmonologist from the hospital Ascension St. Vincent in Indianapolis.

Goodman explains that the most notable symptoms of allergies are sneezing, watery eyes and itchy eyes, sore throat, stuffy and runny nose. People with allergies also may experience a dry cough.

However, COVID-19 common symptom is fever, which is not associated with seasonal allergies.

“One of the symptoms in addition to fever, which is common among patients with COVID-19, is a cough, usually dry and in which there stands out phlegm”, says Goodman. “Sore throat, which is usually manifested more intensively than in the case of allergies, when there is also a coronavirus. Shortness of breath, especially in combination with activity, is also considered an important feature. Can be committed numerous body aches and fatigue”.

Symptom COVID-19 is sometimes also referred to problems with the gastrointestinal tract – what allergies do not usually experience.

Goodman notes that people suffering from allergies probably don’t need to worry that they will be more at risk of infection by coronavirus, or they have a disease will manifest itself in more serious form. “Probably those who have “seasonal hay fever”, that is, who experience problems that occur only in a certain season, e.g. during spring or fall, do not risk developing more serious problems with the coronavirus”, said Goodman.

But about half of people with allergies develop asthma. Goodman notes that those who have symptoms of asthma can be more susceptible to serious symptoms of coronavirus.


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