Threat of takeover: how China is reunited with Taiwan

Угроза захвата: как Китай воссоединяется с ТайванемIn China gaining momentum, discussions on reunification with Taiwan — the government officially adheres to the path of peace, but do not rule out “military solution” to the problem. Moreover, among the inhabitants of China number of supporters of the military takeover of the island is gradually increasing, although the implementation of such a plan severely hampered Beijing “defender” of Taiwan in the United States. How is the situation around the island — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

China to strive for peaceful reunification of Taiwan with the mainland, said the chief of the joint staff of the Central military Commission of China General Lee Tsochen. However, according to him, the power method of solving problems is not excluded.

“The Chinese army is ready to notice all the means to ensure the integrity of the state, if attempts at a peaceful reunification would not lead to a proper result,” said Lee Tsochen, speaking at a meeting on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the Chinese law on the struggle against separatism.

In turn, the Chairman of the NPC standing Committee Li Zhanshu pointed out that

the Taiwanese separatists misjudge the situation and continue to provoke Beijing, to the detriment of the interests of Chinese on both sides of the Strait.

“They continue to sabotage the stability across the Strait, challenging the basic principle of China for the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. This behavior is necessary to suppress Taiwan part of China, regardless of the views of the separatists,” — said the MP.

The residents of Taiwan have a Union query with the mainland of China, I’m sure Li Zhanshu. He expects that they will oppose the separatists to promote the idea of unity. Beijing is watching with concern the situation of Taiwanese who are trying to help reunification.

“Peaceful reunification is the best way. We are ready to create a huge space for this but it will not be the activities of the Taiwan separatists,” — said the Deputy.

The Taiwan issue

Statements Whether Czochara and Li Zhanshu came amid another round of discussions in China about Taiwan. China considers the island part of its territory, however, since the end of the war in 1949, Taiwan or the Republic of China is a de facto independent state.

From time to time Beijing threatens Taipei “power by Association”, through regular and appropriate military exercises. The Chinese are rehearsing the invasion of the island, and the Taiwanese tell them exercise his defense. The reunification Beijing offers according to the principle of “one country, two systems”, which was used with Kong.

In accordance with this principle, Taiwan could get its own political system, jurisdiction, weapons, the economy and the financial system, as well as a number of specific rights in international relations. The Chinese, the region received the status of a wide autonomy and partial independence from Beijing.

However, in Taipei, and so have all these privileges. Therefore, the authorities of Taiwan, which China perceived as separatists who oppose unification with the mainland.

Similar sentiments on the island even more intensified on the background of last year’s mass protests in Hong Kong.

As said the head of Taiwan Cai Inven taking place in the city is a lesson for the people of Taiwan necessary to defend the sovereignty of the island. According to her, the protests demonstrated the failure of the policy of “one country, two systems”, moving Taiwan on the first line of defense of “democratic values.”

However, the unwillingness to make concessions extremely unnerving Beijing, and the interaction of Taiwan with the United States, especially in the military sphere, increasingly shifts the emphasis on the use of force.

The possibility of a military annexation of the island, China has provided the law against separatism.

According to the document, China can use all means to preserve the territorial integrity of the country, if Taiwanese separatists will provoke “the secession of the province from China.”

Military conquest?

Recently the number of supporters of “violent seizure” in China increases. As he wrote to The Times, this idea is actively discussed by the Chinese nationalists in social networks. Call for a military annexation of the island got about 750 million hits, and one of the accounts of the promoters has more than 500 thousand subscribers.

However, China decided to send two of its new aircraft carrier to military exercises near the Islands from the property that the West regarded as a preparation for an invasion of Taiwan. Besides, state-run newspaper Global Times in the material from the editors hinted to the low complexity of the capture of the island.

However, the main obstacle to a military solution to the problem is the high likelihood of conflict with the United States, which generally adhere to an anti-Chinese policy and with a special interest in the trouble spots, China — Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Long time Washington as the legitimate Chinese government recognized the government in Taipei. The situation changed only in 1979, when the United States officially recognized the PRC. However, a special relationship with Taiwan, the Americans survived. In the same 1979 USA adopted the law about relations with Taiwan, which contains a promise of delivery of defensive weapons and promises of support in case of an attack on the island.

In addition, the United States regularly send their destroyers to patrol in the South China sea, especially near Taiwan, which has repeatedly sparked protests from China. Washington explains its actions to international law, ignoring all appeals to Beijing to end the patrol.

Therefore the American factor creates serious risks for a possible military seizure of Taiwan. Wrote the Global Times, the conquest of the island you can do that when Beijing will secure overwhelming military dominance in the Pacific ocean and will be able to resist US.

In General, the PRC authorities are still attempts at a peaceful unification with Taiwan, which is confirmed by the statements Whether Tsochen and Li Zhanshu. Still, military intervention is probably regarded as a last measure. However, any progress in the reunification yet, as evidenced by the re-election of Cai Inven — an ardent opponent of unification with China — for the presidency of the Republic of China.


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