Peppa pig in pornorolikov, or Why the Chinese authorities banned the beloved cartoon

Chinese censors are very strict. But who would have thought that she could get to the beloved heroine of the eponymous cartoon in peppa? Recently this British cartoon was removed from Chinese video platforms Douyin (similar to YouTube).

Peppa pig recently became one of the most popular characters in China, but the government is confident that cartoon with her participation has a devastating effect on people.

The Chinese noticed that, in addition to the videos has been removed all information about the hashtag #PeppaPig and the query “Peppa Pig” gave no results.

Although Peppa is a cartoon for preschoolers, the heroine is very fond of and adult population of China. So much so that she began to produce videos pornographic contents that he found the Chinese authorities.

Recall that people in China have strict morals in relation to behaviour and education. And according to authorities, the innovator Peppa, denying the conservative foundations, only prevents the existing social order in the country.

Chinese authorities, however, quickly found a replacement Peppe. It was a Small Pig Dodo, which, of course, not as fast, but is also becoming popular.

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