Who should wear protective masks during the pandemic of coronavirus?

WHO (World Health Organization) advises those who have not observed symptoms COVID-19, to wear protective masks only if they take care of patients with coronavirus — contrary to statements by the CDC recommending the use of remedies for everyone.

“If you have a long time not symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, the mask is not needed. considers Dr April Boller — She may need only to health workers, carers, or patients with symptoms [COVID-19]”.

According to Boller, masks give healthy people “a false sense of security“. Patients, in turn, must necessarily wear them to prevent the spread of a potentially deadly virus.

So a protective mask is not needed?

American Center for control and prevention of disease strongly disagree with WHO on this issue. CDC experts are surethat the mask must be worn in public areas regardless of whether you have symptoms COVID-19.

“Many of those infected with the coronavirus, the disease is asymptomatic, and some can infect others even before symptoms begin to appear. — they emphasize in the manual on the official CDC website — <…> We recommend that you always use protective masks in public places where it is difficult to comply with social distancing”.


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