The man showed a photo of the changes of his body after Covid-19

Man from California shared a shocking photo of a coronavirus that made his athletic body. After 6 weeks of hospital stay he was so thin that it can be recognized only according to the original tattoo on the shoulder. It is reported BuzzFeed News.

43-year-old Mike Schultz, a health worker from San Francisco, previously had no health problems, weighed about 86 kg and “pumping iron” almost every day.

But, dropping 23 kg due to the ravages of COVID-19, Schulz decided to share two photos to Instagram. The first photo was taken about a month before he got sick, the second in Boston hospital.

“I wanted to show that it can happen to anyone. No matter you are young or old, whether you have a chronic disease or not. This may affect you, Schulz said in an interview with BuzzFeed. – I knew [the fashion industry], but I didn’t think it was that serious. I thought I was young enough that it didn’t affect me, and I know that many think so.”

Schultz said he was physically difficult to make a second photo because he is tired, just by standing up from a hospital bed.

“I was so weak. It was one of the most unpleasant moments, he said. – I could not keep your mobile phone. He was so heavy! I couldn’t type because my hand was shaking so much”.

Schultz, who was hospitalized on March 16, I completely lost track of time, saying: “I thought that was only a week”.

Two days before admission, 14 March, he came to Boston to visit her boyfriend, 29-year-old Josh Hebblethwaite. This meeting took place a week after he went to Miami beach for the festival among the participants that there was an outbreak of COVID-19: 38 people gave a positive test result for coronavirus, three of them died.

“We knew that there is a virus, Schulz said. – However, no real restrictions were not. It was not quarantine. We thought, “Well, we just need to frequently wash their hands and gently touch your face””.

A few days after arriving in Boston Schulz felt very bad and went to the hospital. He had a fever with a temperature of 39.5 °C and his lungs were filled with fluid.

“They hospitalized him right from the reception and not let me stay or at least to say goodbye”, – said Habbitat.

Mike Schulz (to COVID-19) and Josh Habbitat Credit: Instagram

The doctors gave Schultz oxygen and a sedative.

“One of the doctors immediately said that I probably intoniruet. It scared me,”he said in an interview with BuzzFeed.

Later, Schulz was transferred to another hospital, which really was intubated for four and a half weeks.

Habitat became his medical proxy.

“There was no one around, and I was the only one who took decisions for him, he said. – It was definitely scary. After about 4 weeks the nurses allowed us to communicate in FaceTime. It was like he was in a coma. I was afraid for him, but was very happy to see him.”

Schultz said he and Habbitat was subjected to online criticism for attending the party in Florida. Some even said that he deserved the disease.

Recently, Schultz was finally discharged from the hospital.

Mike Schultz (after COVID-19) and Josh Habbitat Credit: Instagram

He said he first went to enjoy two double cheeseburgers, fries and a strawberry smoothie from McDonald’s.

“It was a very different taste. I think that has partially lost the ability to taste, he said. – But anyway it was great!”


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