The suburban Nakhabino “went under water”: video consequences of abnormal rainfall

In the Suburban village Nakhabino due to heavy rains overflowed sewer, drains stopped working and water stood at the level of several tens of centimeters.

The settlement of Nakhabino in the Moscow region comes to life after the disaster. Due to abnormal rainfall in the region, the streets of the village remind of the river, local residents can be in homes.

In social networks actively publish video, which shows how the water level has reached several tens of centimeters above ground level, transfers League news Russia, citing the Russian Dialogue.

“In the Suburban village Nakhabino now so. Due to the abnormally heavy rains the sewers overflowed, the drains stopped working and water stood at the level of several tens of centimeters above ground level,” writes Twitter account “NTV”.

Meanwhile, local residents complain that after the construction of several apartment complexes local river started to “inflate” to the state of this flood.

The streets of the village are flooded, people have to go through knee deep water to get to a particular place. Around the broken beams, the scattered household appliances. The water was even a bridge.

Today, a similar picture was observed in other localities of the Moscow region. For example, in a holiday village River inundated half of the plots, in some places the water rose to roof level.


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