“Harmful actions of Russia”, the United States found fake billion

«Вредные действия России»: США нашли фальшивый миллиардThe U.S. state Department accused Russia of supplying to Libya allegedly in fake currency amounting to more than $1 billion, Evidence that the notes were false, was not presented. At the same time between Russia and the Libyan authorities in the East of the country has agreements on the printing of money.

The government of Malta on may 26 seized a batch of counterfeit Libyan currency worth $1.1 billion, according to the website of the US state Department.

The publication said that the alleged fake dinars were printed joint-stock company Russian state company that produces coins and banknotes, — “Goznak”. According to the Department of state, customer’s banknotes, made a kind of illegitimate organization, not the Central Bank of Libya.

In the U.S. the Ministry also believes that Russia “has exacerbated the economic problems of Libya.”

“This incident once again underlines the necessity of ending Russia’s harmful and destabilizing actions in Libya,” — said in the state Department.

Any evidence that the seized banknotes were fake, the report of the Department of state is not given. However, the fact that print Russian currency for Libya is not surprising: Russia in accordance with the bilateral agreement took this responsibility in 2016.

Printed in Russia, the currency for Libya’s parallel government, which supports the Libyan national army (LNA) led by field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. The national consensus government (NTC), sitting in Tripoli, did not declare the money outside the law. By order of the Central banks of other countries Goznak also carry out such operations.

The prosecution is due to the geopolitical position of the United States. Washington believes that Russia is a party to the conflict, as supposedly directly supports the LDF, which controls much of the country.

Not long ago, the Deputy head of intelligence of the US Africa command General Gregory Hadfield even expressed concern that

Russia is moving combat aircraft to Libya to prepare a foothold in this country.

According to him, Russia supports the Haftarot “not for the sake of winning the war, but for the sake of fixing” in Libya. According to him, Russia is using Iran and Syria sent to Libya 14 MiG-29 and su-24, which are now based at a military air base El Dzhufra under the control of the LDF.

These data also have not been confirmed. Russia, like other countries comply with UN imposed an embargo on the supply of arms into the country. In addition, the Kremlin has officially maintains neutrality in the conflict, and in General trying to promote a peaceful settlement of the situation.

Moreover, after Khalifa Haftar declared himself the sole ruler of Libya, Moscow has condemned his actions. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Russia considers the political and diplomatic settlement of the situation in Libya the only possible way to resolve the conflict.

The Kremlin is sure that the settlement is possible only at diplomatic communication between the parties to the conflict, Peskov said. He added that the Russian side maintains contact with all parties.

As noted earlier in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” senior lecturer of the school of Oriental studies, faculty of world economy and international Affairs NRU HSE Andrey Chuprygin, from the moment when Haftar declared himself the sole ruler in Libya, the situation in the country slowly started to change.

“And if not in the direction of the government Zarraga, at least in the direction of some likelihood again to get back on track the negotiation process”, — the expert believes.

Here it is significant that the Haftarah came to a confrontation with the head sitting in the East of Libya Parliament, Akil Saleh. After the last of the statements of field Marshal put forward a new initiative on the political settlement in the country. Saleh proposed a “road map” consisting of several paragraphs providing for the creation of a new Presidential Council. According to the expert, the negotiation plan was prepared without the help of Russia.

“I expect that in the foreseeable future, the Haftarot will leave the political and military arena. From my point of view, there is now an opportunity to start moving towards the cessation of hostilities. But realize that to move on the peace track, the Haftarot need to do something with. But he himself is now buried. Oddly enough, all depends on how strongly will behave Aqeel Saleh and how it will support the head of the Eastern Minister Abdullah Abdurrahman al-Thani” — sums up Chuprygin.


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