The virologist called the most effective means of protection against coronavirus

Вирусолог назвал наиболее эффективное средство защиты от коронавируса

Is a means more effective than a mask for protection of respiratory organs, said in the broadcast “Moscow speaking” leading researcher, center of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei, the doctor-the virologist Victor Larichev. He noted that the medical mask blocks dust, but construction on a respirator – no.

But the virus is transmitted mainly through droplets by sneezing and coughing. And the mask, and respirator these drops delay. By itself, the virus particle does not fly, it moves in liquid droplets in the air, and masks do not allow it to penetrate. But the construction respirator does not penetrate the dust particles, in contrast to the mask.

“There are other respirators with exhalation valve, where the valve opens and the person exhales,” said the doctor. In some respect, the masks are even more effective because tightly sit and hold small particles, but it helps both.

We will remind that earlier the pulmonologist of the Pirogov center Olga Bogush spoke about the dangers of walking in disguise through the streets. She believes that increases the risk of inhalation of pathogens, and sports in the mask even worse – a man quickens the frequency and depth of breathing, and in the mask he will breathe the same air, alternately inhaling and exhaling it.


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