Ukrainian of Vechirko drove a truck into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis, footage

May 25 in Minneapolis on the streets of the city left hundreds of demonstrators who were protesting because of the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the time of arrest by the police. Yesterday in a crowd of protesters on the truck checked Vechirko, a native of Vinnytsia region (Ukraine).

Yesterday, may 31, in Minneapolis near the bridge at the entrance to the city, the driver of the truck decided to drive into a crowd of demonstrators who blocked the road. Only by pure accident there were no casualties, informs resource LigaNews with reference to “Диалог.UA“.

Driving a truck was 35-year-old Ukrainian Bogdan Vechirko. The American media reported that he was actively signaling protesters to freed road. People had time to scatter to the sides and by pure coincidence no one was hurt.

As soon as the truck stopped, the protesters wanted to put on the driver of a lynching. The police detained the Ukrainian and charged without the right to bail.

It is known that he was born in Vinnytsia region and even served in the ranks of the APU. In the U.S. he is listed in the company Ken Advantage as an independent contractor. In the tank of the truck were fuel. The protesters are still able to inflict several blows to the driver, as evidenced by the photos at the time of arrest.

Protests in connection with the tragic death of an African-American has covered the 35 U.S. cities, including Washington.


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