In the Sun, there was a strong 2017 flash

NASA reports that the solar dynamics Observatory, SDO recorded a powerful October 2017, the flash in the Sun.

На Солнце произошла мощнейшая с 2017 года вспышка

Indicates that the outbreak is classified as M-class – medium-large.

According to scientists, the radiation is not high enough to have a noticeable negative impact on human health, but may reduce the quality of cellular communication and GPS.

It is believed that the appearance of visible flares and sunspots on the Sun after a long break could signal the beginning of a new solar cycle.

Usually, for evaluation of the activity of the Sun, scientists need several months. At the moment, researchers can determine the activity of the star no later than October 2019. This advance, researchers can unequivocally say that after the start of the activity, the number of solar flares will not return to their previous values.


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