Wrong turn: lost in the desert an Australian woman has survived through the wiper

Will remember the trip on the Northern territories of Australia 40-year-old Brooke Phillips (Brooke Phillips). The woman who loves to travel in his car, did not expect that the walk will be delayed, so didn’t bring supplies. 6 days spent in the desert, she had to fight for the life of my Pets — cat and dog that always accompany the mistress on trips

When a black SUV with Brooke stuck in the sand, experienced traveler took it only as another little road trip. Otrokov himself mentally for what he decided to get off the highway to take a short cut avtolyubitelnitsa begin to release the wheel from the trap.

In the picture from the satellite clearly shows what area on the Australian continent is desert

But an hour later it became clear that the machine is securely stuck in the middle of nowhere, and without help most women to cope. However, Phillips was not used to panic and was sure that several hours later it detects. Seeing no need to save the supplies, the woman on the first day I drank all the water, dividing it with their Pets.

Traveler couldn’t even imagine that she would have 6 days to fight for his life with the harsh Australian outdoors, with a very modest “set of survivalist”. In the cabin and the trunk of the car Brooke found two packages of instant noodles, some crackers, pasta sauce, cream coconut, a jar of raspberry jam, a couple of tomatoes and a bottle of car wiper.

Journalists recreated the “food set” shields. That’s all you need to bring to the desert

Due to the lack of water as the noodles, and crackers, turned out to be useless — she simply couldn’t swallow. The most valuable resources, as shown, turned out to be raspberry jam and… wiper. Thanks to these two products Brooke and managed to survive among the endless wastes.

All week conducted by Phillips and her pet “on nature” was dry, the temperature and the heat of 35 degrees. The second night was a light rain and the woman managed to get some water. Thirst, according to the Explorer, was its main enemy — the woman admitted that on the last day she had to quench the thirst of urine to be lost.

The situation was complicated by the fact that Brooke was forced to take care of their Pets. Cat and dog are not accustomed to extreme conditions, suffered from heat, hunger and thirst. Not yet out of gas, the trio enjoyed the coolness from the air conditioner, but when the fuel does not become, had to wide open to open the car window, hang them from the scorching sun towels and endure.

Picture taken from one of the vehicles during the rescue operation

Rescued distressed 16-year-old Brooke Phillips, who participated in a large-scale rescue operation organized by the police and volunteers. As it turned out, from where the stuck SUV to the nearest town, about 30 km In the Australian desert, with its sandy and rocky terrain, dust storms and many poisonous animals, the way only aboriginal or well-prepared for the tourist-extremals.

Brooke Phillips (center) in the day of your salvation

Police officer Craig Davis (Craig Davis), who led the search, said that a woman saved only by the fact that she never left the car. Chance to find such a small object as man, in the vast inhospitable wasteland, would be in this case null and void.

The landscape of the Great Sandy desert covers an area of about 360,000 sq km

Medics examined Brooke, reported that the woman given deferred troubles is in good condition and did not receive serious damage from starvation, thirst and heat. Animals divided with the hostess the tedious adventure, also was not injured.

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